today’s project: curtain rod in the bedroom

Sounds simple, right? Just get some command strips and cheap hooks, and put it up there.

My prowess with a screw driver has never been one of my listed skills, and I hate following directions. I don’t need no stinking directions! Why do they have to be so talkative? Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Prepare the surface with alcohol? Really? Why: the walls are clean? And why not put the stick-up hook up over the old anchor things that remain since before the painters removed all the nails and fixtures.

Once the hooks were up there, the search for the blue curtain panel I have began. Of course the panel is not where I thought it was, and I refuse to buy another one. I wanted blue, but what the heck, I’ll settle for a nice gray sheer that I had. Then I spun the folded panels in the dryer, and loaded them on the curtain rod. Moved out the bed, and situated the step-stool, put the rod across the hooks, and voila! all that needed to be done was fix the gathers and it was done. I stepped back to admire the curtain, and the rod came crashing down. Back to the drawing board…

I’ll do it right next time, instead of giving the job a lick and a promise. Look at the directions 😉

2 thoughts on “today’s project: curtain rod in the bedroom

    1. It worked, once Scott followed the directions re the alcohol wipe. It’s not the blue curtain I wanted, but the grey one is fine and I’ll dress up with tie-backs or something.


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