11 thoughts on “TULIP IN THE SHOWER

      1. Bob was a photographer, and his photos were always more technically correct than mine…but mine usually were more esthetic. I love my digital camera work. Bob died before they came out with digital cameras, he would have enjoyed it too.

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      2. I confess, I never took ANY photos at all, until I worked out how to use my first smartphone. I think being able to ‘see’ like a photographer is something innate. You’ve got it. 🙂


      3. I bought my first camera so I could take my own photos for my newspaper work, rather than always depend on the photo department to assign a pro. Our chief phtographer taught me one thing “if you’re going to be a photographer ACT like a photographer. “

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      4. When Dau1 was 2-3 years old her Dad (Bill) was stationed in Korea. The war had long since ended and he had previously be sent to Germany. It was then that I took a zillion photos of Dau1, who was adorable, and always doing something photo-worthy. I sent Bill photos every day.

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