ya know what bugs me? (yah, that too…)

I wish the “media” et al would stop using the description “Gunman” in headlines about those jerks that insist on shooting up other people. I always think of a “Gunman” as Jesse James, or Wyatt Earp, or my personal favorite Tennessee Jeb. The term always sounds like something cool: heroic, dashing, macho…glamorous, exciting, sexy…

I have some suggestions for more accurate names:

PipSqueak with a Gun

Asshat aka assh.le with a gun.

Idiot with a rifle?

Total Asinine Jerk with an Automatic Rifle

Fool With a Gun

Yes, INSULTS instead of some kind of badge of honor.

Back in the day, way back, the Pilgrims had “stocks” in the town square, where perpetrators of various wrong-doers were literally locked in restraining wooden gadgets that limited movement. Their peers, or other detractors were not only permitted to tease and annoy these “criminals” but encouraged to throw things (rotten fruit) and heap ridicule on them. Laugh at them. Drag younger kids who hadn’t yet matured to the point of “earning” time in the stocks to stare at them as examples of what mischief resulted from misadventures.

Shooting people with ANY weapon—from BB-guns or water pistols or the like—is not something to joke about.

But please—stop referring to them as “gunmen.”

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