oh oh…adult content ahead, proceed carefully.

OK, ©BUTTERBALL TURKEYS and whoever wraps them up in the heavy duty plastic:

Yes, I have a complaint, and I thought about taking a photo so ya’ll would know what I am talking about. But then I felt bad because as interesting as the photo would have been, it probably would have gotten me arrested. Picture this: a giant turkey, ready to throw in the roaster, shed of its plasic and mesh, and all its little packets of giblets and liver and other turkey parts, finally stripped down to its bare skin.

A NAKED TURKEY, with no head, no feet, and no feathers. It weighed in at just less than 20 pounds. The inside cavity, all locked in with the turkey legs held in place with the turkey’s tail … um, neck…sticking up out of the cavity several inches.

Now I hasten to point out that I am no prude. I admit that my husband and I would have gotten a huge laugh out of this turkey’s NECK, even more than we ever did when the neck was fully enclosed inside the bird, and was not free until said (butt cover) was cut or otherwise moved aside to let go the legs.

However…I couldn’t deal with releasing the legs, and etc., yank the neck out because it was still frozen inside and held in place with ice. So I had to call on my SON to extract the cavity contents. How embarrassing! Son’s lack of remarks about the turkey situation is much appreciated.

YES, it was THAT BAD! Anyone who has ever dealt with preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey can appreciate the experience. I was able to cope partly because I have “dealt with” dead turkeys for 60 years or so, and also because one of my first jobs as a young teenager was working at a Big Chicken Farm, on an assembly line where I was required to remove all of the guts from the chickens. GROSS.

I may or may not mention the incident to Aldi’s, I wonder if this turkey had an isolated packer…or if the shipment included a similar sight for customers. There is NO chance that this was an accident. None whatsoever. Someone at ©BUTTERBALL no doubt thought it was hilarious.

4 thoughts on “oh oh…adult content ahead, proceed carefully.

    1. I don’t really like it either. I’ll never be able to look a turkey in the … uh, ? again. We didn’t eat any of this one, but it is still in nice plastic bags waiting for further disposal. Yes, I am going to speak to Aldi’s about it.

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