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      1. The snow is gone at least temporarily. It’s just barely February, so we can bet on having snow for the next couple of months. When I was studying at our community college I took cross-country skiing as one of my required (for higher degrees) courses. Unfortunately we never had snow during ski-class. So I took it the next year, and we still didn’t have snow. sigh. (I also took Rifle Marksmanship; and Power Walking as phys ed courses. All of the credits from the LCCC tranfered to Cleveland State, where I did my BA. I did my masters and almost-doctorate at U of Akron. When I first decided to go to college I was 50 years old, and from the beginning I took courses that would transfer just in case I decided to continue.

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      2. Ha! I enjoyed the couple of times I actually did any actual sliding on the skis. I am not well coordinated, so it was work trying to get moving. We had snow fences up around the college to potentially gather snow, so it didn’t make for any great experiences.

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      3. My only memories of snow are from my a visit to relatives…and I was wearing the wrong shoes! I literally could not keep my feet under me. Don’t think my aunt and uncle had laughed so much in their lives. 😀


      4. Walking on ice is no piece of cake. When my great grandson Philip was begging to skate, his Dad, Josh, made a comment about volunteering to help organize the hockey team with a bunch of three-year-olds just learning to stand up on skates. Ha.

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