Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coming for Our Content

I see the Reblog button, and will take the liberty to post this article to my blog, SOMETIMES, Looking forward to the series on AI. This must be serendipity at work, my daughter and I have long been into AI, and will find your series very interesting. Thank you.

As technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for content creation, from news articles to video highlights. This trend could have significant consequences for the content industry, including journalists and editors. On one hand, it may lead to more efficient processes and more accurate reports, while on the other, it could impact job security and the quality of content.

In this series of blog posts, I will explore the current state of AI-enabled content creation, the potential implications of these trends, and how the industry

The Long and Short Stories of Life

If you’re a blogger, Artificial Intelligence is scouring the internet, searching for content ideas, and borrowing content from your blog and mine. According to a Pro Blogger Newsletter, AI blogging software can perform tasks, “… such as optimizing blog posts for search engines, finding content ideas, and curating content from other sources.” 

That means busy bloggers are programing their AI software to look for your ideas and put them into a hodgepodge of thoughts to create a new blog post.

Until now, I thought AI was far into the future and its arrival, when it happened, would affect companies, technology, and space travel—not writers. I’ve written about artificial intelligence in my books and it’s throughout my stories. My characters have AI chips implanted in their brains, but that was supposed to happen in 2050 or 60.

There’ve been a lot of questions about AI eliminating human writers, but the question remains…

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