Rise of the Machine

Here is my first post about my first computer. It was first published in 2015. In response to the post from This, That and the Other Thing’s prompt today. Here we go!


Back in 1983 my life changed when a shiny, very high-tekky, computer showed up on my doorstep. Well, I admit someone must have put it there, but for me… sigh… love at first sight!

It was a KayproII, a one-piece wonder that had its keyboard tucked up and buckled in against the monitor. There were two 5 1/4″ floppy disk drives: A and B. The A drive held the operating system, mysteriously known as CP/M, which took up part of the disk which also held what we would now call “content”; the B drive was for disk files. There were several manuals, mostly written in some completely foreign dialect resembling English but with words I had never seen before. To be fair, there were a few sections of one of the manuals that hinted at how to operate the computer. Very few. There was also a collection of programs, (soft…

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2 thoughts on “Rise of the Machine

    1. There wasn’t much else at the time that I knew about, and I was crazy in love with the computer thing. I worked for a major newspaper that was changing to computerization from the old way of clunky typewriters, so that was incentive.


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