Hi to my Readers…which includes Everyone

[Blogging 101 assignment for Day Four, identify your audience.] As indicated in my title of this post, there is really no specific intended audience or readership.  Right now I have readers and/or followers from just about any category of possible bloggers who are interested in my blog. This includes young students, teenagers, young mothers…no, let […]

My first glimpse of Paradise zooms back from the West: from Ohio to Arizona via Kansas (a repost from 2015.)

adventure, Nature, travel, Writing and Blogging, Writing101 [The prompt for Day Two — Writing 101.    “If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”] Now that is an easy assignment that took absolutely NO thought.  The question did indeed have the “zoom” effect.  My place that my inner image brings […]

On Writing Poetry for Fame and Fun

A couple of years ago I enrolled in some WordPress classes. They were free, and served to help in learning the WP system, and meeting new like-minded people online. Short stories, flash-fiction, various forms of poetry, and educational or informative opinion pieces. Photography classes were fun and instructional. All of the classes were interactive, no […]

re-post of Politico article about the FDA’s “nerdy virologists” panel working on Covid-19 vaccine approval

VACCINE RACE The ‘nerdy virologists’ steering the U.S. vaccine race The political backdrop could make the first coronavirus gathering of the advisory committee one of the most-watched in FDA history. A single-dose Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson. | Cheryl Gerber/Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson via AP By SARAH OWERMOHLE 10/16/2020 04:30 AM EDT […]

Me and The War, reblog, Part 2 of Who am I to have an About Page?

[This post was the second installment of the life history of… well, Me. The first time it appeared was in 2015. For my VCBs: Very Cool Bloggers, this post will be a re-run, please bear with me if you’ve read it before, and please enjoy it if its new.] In the first installment of this […]