Hi to my Readers…which includes Everyone

[Blogging 101 assignment for Day Four, identify your audience.] As indicated in my title of this post, there is really no specific intended audience or readership.  Right now I have readers and/or followers from just about any category of possible bloggers who are interested in my blog. This includes young students, teenagers, young mothers…no, let […]

My first glimpse of Paradise zooms back from the West: from Ohio to Arizona via Kansas (a repost from 2015.)

adventure, Nature, travel, Writing and Blogging, Writing101 [The prompt for Day Two — Writing 101.    “If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”] Now that is an easy assignment that took absolutely NO thought.  The question did indeed have the “zoom” effect.  My place that my inner image brings […]

On Writing Poetry for Fame and Fun

A couple of years ago I enrolled in some WordPress classes. They were free, and served to help in learning the WP system, and meeting new like-minded people online. Short stories, flash-fiction, various forms of poetry, and educational or informative opinion pieces. Photography classes were fun and instructional. All of the classes were interactive, no […]

re-post of Politico article about the FDA’s “nerdy virologists” panel working on Covid-19 vaccine approval

VACCINE RACE The ‘nerdy virologists’ steering the U.S. vaccine race The political backdrop could make the first coronavirus gathering of the advisory committee one of the most-watched in FDA history. A single-dose Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson. | Cheryl Gerber/Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson via AP By SARAH OWERMOHLE 10/16/2020 04:30 AM EDT […]

Me and The War, reblog, Part 2 of Who am I to have an About Page?

[This post was the second installment of the life history of… well, Me. The first time it appeared was in 2015. For my VCBs: Very Cool Bloggers, this post will be a re-run, please bear with me if you’ve read it before, and please enjoy it if its new.] In the first installment of this […]

Finding something to do

Back in day in the mid 1950s, we lived in Germany for 18 months., sponsored by the United States Army. There wasn’t much to do, no television to speak of, other than local German TV. My German language skills were extremely limited, mainly counting, and buying things. In the commissary, where we bought all of […]