Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

  ONE resolution: this year SOMETIMES (THE BLOG) will return to the my Top, #1, Main Pursuit…..every day. Last year, 2017, was not my best year for writing and working on my blog.    Current events interfered with my goal, which was to put writing with a capital W at the top of my “things to do list.”      Oh sure, my postings were … Continue reading Welcome 2018! Pondering resolutions for the New Year…

Magic of WordPress support

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/25/reblogging/   I love the way WordPress support people just hang on my every word and serendipitously post the perfect article pertaining to questions on which I am obsessing at any given time. OK, logic tells me that it isn’t really magic, more like internet triggers that connect information sites with people who want to know.     I admit that I have been searching the support … Continue reading Magic of WordPress support

what did teacher say?

One reason why I have so much trouble getting things done is that I never know where to start. It’s like going on a trip, and Back again…and still wondering what to do next. That’s the story of my life–back in early grade school, when all the other kids listened carefully to the assignment and put their pre-sharpened pencils to their paper and started writing…I … Continue reading what did teacher say?

Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Childhood Revisited The earliest memories that I recall are when I was about five years old. I don’t know if that is early, late, or average for “first” memories, but when searching back that’s as far as my memory seems to go. Sometimes what we think of as memories are actually recollections from hearing about photographs in detail. We hear who is in the picture, … Continue reading Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Sleep Legacy

(Re-posted from the original, written in response to Day 3: Writing 101-Poetry, Sleep) I can sleep anywhere, any time. day or night…or afternoon On airplanes or in cars (when not driving) Obviously a genetic trait, the love of sleep, and its never too late to stop counting sheep. A deep pleasure shared by many of my progeny, whom I call champions and pros: They are World Class … Continue reading Sleep Legacy

Some True Facts and Confessions About Blogging

Today I managed to spend the entire day blogging, with exceptions for hauling the son around and feeding the cats.   By “blogging” I mean visiting lots of other bloggers online, trying to get my photos to cooperate, and writing in my blog. All my writing life I have felt guilty and self-indulgent when I spent time writing for pleasure.   Sure, I got paid for it … Continue reading Some True Facts and Confessions About Blogging