Cat Decisions

  (photos ©Sometimes,2018)  The colors in these shots are overwhelmed by the bright sunlight coming in the windows…except for Pearl, who is completely black and requires different camera settings to see her face.   The green paint is prettier than it appears, but could use a fresh coat of paint.   (The very thought of painting scares me!    and yes, I know we should … Continue reading Cat Decisions

Tile Art

Here are some pictures that just tugged at me to create while walking through my entry.  They are twelve-inch natural stone tiles.   I never noticed the (featured photo) before, but once the face popped out at me…at least three faces in fact…I knew they were perfect for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo challenge.     The eye just seems to adjust for the scene. These shots remind me … Continue reading Tile Art

Promise in a Poem (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge entry)

  I am unique among my peers having arisen from the Winter more or less intact… if a bit bedraggled. One might say the word—disarray? to describe broken remnants and staring, bleary rimless eyes askew and discolored arrangement of my limbs and leaves, disheveled scraps of nascent green tones, silky serrated edges of hemline. Better days have been….and will be again and my modest Winter … Continue reading Promise in a Poem (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge entry)

They seem to have fixed Add Media Thank You Word Press!!!

  Ah ha!    It looks like it may be working… this guy in the chair is from an ebay listing I was attempting, but on closeup it is obvious that his make-up crew isn’t doing a very good job, so he hasn’t made the cut.       It does appear that Mama sitting on the chair here is also waiting for Make Up to return.      I believe … Continue reading They seem to have fixed Add Media Thank You Word Press!!!


MOBY A Maine-Coon.   He is huge but his Vet says he is “not obese.”    She predicted his size when she first met him when he was a scrawny little thing I rescued from the barn.  Referring to my other cats, the Vet said “they might want to be nice to him, because he’s going to be a big boy!”     He is now in his fifteenth … Continue reading AMAZING ODD-BALLS

Playing with raindrops

As I was sitting on the deck watching the rain/snow fall, I thought it would be fun to see if I could capture some drops.   These photos, following, are of individual drops into the same puddle…a couple of them are close-ups, and the orientation varies.   Since I am not an engineer (I know, not really a photographer, either… I will refrain from speculating on … Continue reading Playing with raindrops

Oddities Post for Cee’s Odd Ball photo challenge

Some of the oddist things aren’t really odd at all, but are  quite mundane in the wonderful ways of the world.   These wonders of nature that just appear out of a photograph, seem as if they are just there for us mortals to see…and appreciate. (All photographs included in this post are © Sometimes, 2016) Continue reading Oddities Post for Cee’s Odd Ball photo challenge

mystic pond art

©Sometimes,2016 I often find surprises in photographs, serendipitous objects or impressions that might be considered gifts from My Muse.   This photo is a random pond shot, one of a series.  In the foreground are some dry weeds, and their shadows cast onto the water take on curious face-like shapes,  reminiscent of doodle-drawings.      Peggy, the cat, seems to have been transfixed by the mysterious shapes and … Continue reading mystic pond art