Measles and other vaccines

Measles? Really? Back in the day, 1963 more or less, my more or less tranquil household came face to face with a childhood disease that, at the time, was common in the United States. Measles…along with Mumps and Chicken Pox, were not perhaps considered to be a really big deal. Most children encountered the diseases in school, and were almost immediately contagious and parents and … Continue reading Measles and other vaccines

The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan…revisited (re-posted)

The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan I have to hand it to Paul Ryan the man just doesn’t quit trying! Caught in a den of experts at lying, and vying for votes by begging or buying. Speaking loudly above all the jeering and swearing, off this way or that…slipping and veering. Poor Speaker Ryan, his smile running thin against all the prying and querying… wearying, not … Continue reading The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan…revisited (re-posted)

Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it— THE DONALD’S MARCH TO INFAMY There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the people … Continue reading Stranger than Fiction: again

Politics – do we really care? Re-blogged from Meeka’s Mind

Originally posted on Meeka's Mind:
I’ve always had a problem with ‘-isms’ – communism, socialism, facism, capitalism, republicanism, you name it – because they all seem to miss the point about people. Homo Sapiens doesn’t give a flying fruit bat about politics until things go wrong. I was a kid in the late Menzies era of Australia [1949-1966], and I remember hearing some adults… Continue reading Politics – do we really care? Re-blogged from Meeka’s Mind

Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

Originally posted on Gronda Morin:
It is bad enough that the republicans in the US Congress are hard at work to pass their 2017 Donor/ Corporation tax cut bill around December 19, 2016, which does little to grow the economy; where the economy is on an upswing and unemployment numbers are low, where at least 1 trillion dollars will be added to the deficit; where… Continue reading Quoting Flip Wilson & a Post from Gronda Morin.

Dare I say Merry Christmas?

Who are all these people who object to the NOT saying the “Merry Christmas” greeting out loud?      Why are these innocent words a matter of top importance for the President of the United States?      Oh, right…I do understand that they are various Christian and so-called Christian groups who echo what they hear from their pulpits and take offense simply because others … Continue reading Dare I say Merry Christmas?

marching band music…sing loudly, don’t worry too much about lyrics

marching music please…. just try ignoring the band blaring out the Sousa beat, adoring crowds lining the streets… drummers drumming, flutes tweeting, symbols clashing… but I digress.       Back in the day I was a Girl Scout leader, and part of my duty as such was to lead the girls down the main street during the Memorial Day Parade (or other parade.)   … Continue reading marching band music…sing loudly, don’t worry too much about lyrics

not your granny’s Columbus Day… This article is excellent on the subject of Christopher Columbus and the “discovery of America.” It is well worth the read, and deserves an A+ for research and attribution, factual information based partially on bona fide original sources including Columbus’s own writing. Bartolomé de Las Casas,  Dominican Friar and later Bishop, is the author of The Destruction of the Indies, which details the systematic horror … Continue reading not your granny’s Columbus Day…

Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

Re the sticks-and-stones contest, following the old adage that “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”      Remember when some kid would spew off a string of bad words and mean but innocuous insults, and Mom or Grandma would sooth hurt feelings with the little rhyme…which in effect meant “if some kid hits you let me know, but … Continue reading Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

Of Statues and Soldiers…

Why are angry mobs allowed to destroy Civil War statues?      If they have to be taken down, properly and carefully by local government authorities—why not store them temporarily at a museum or some other place appropriate.     Smashing them to rubble is foolish…no, let me say stupid…and knee-jerk reactions to political correctness.   Gratuitous pandering, perhaps. Except for one thing—there seems to be NO thought or reasoning … Continue reading Of Statues and Soldiers…

faux pas…no, just dry eye

Angela Merkel rolled her eyes! Was it exasperation or desperation or simply condescension  ? …or just a case of dry-eye? Bright lights and long days of hosting the world’s most Very Important Persons? Decorum held hostage to fragile egos… hurt feelings and squabble-solving. and running her country…and NATO? (Some say she’s the Boss of the World) “Well,” she says, with an eye-roll.  : “I hope not! I already … Continue reading faux pas…no, just dry eye

New Leaf…stay tuned

OK.     Enough time has been wasted on the agonizing and agonistic misadventures of the United States Government (or lack thereof.)    I do hope to live long enough to ingrain some of the History of the World Under Trump into my DNA.   Right, I’m not even sure that is possible, about the DNA that is, but the truth is that until about twenty years ago I … Continue reading New Leaf…stay tuned