a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/out-of-focus/”>Focus</a&gt; above is a shot taken years ago, in early 1980s, through the window of a van traveling at high speed along a rural road in Yucatan, near the archeological site of Chichén Itza, Mexico.     At first glance it is just a ruined photo, which is often what an amateur photographer gets when shooting on-the-fly from a grimy vehicle window, speeding down a road.    … Continue reading a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Childhood Revisited The earliest memories that I recall are when I was about five years old. I don’t know if that is early, late, or average for “first” memories, but when searching back that’s as far as my memory seems to go. Sometimes what we think of as memories are actually recollections from hearing about photographs in detail. We hear who is in the picture, … Continue reading Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Right Place–Wrong Time

Back in the day when my kids were in school,  I showed up on time for an appointment for my conference with the child’s teacher.  In those days I always prided myself on being on time.  I was busy, had all five of my children in school at various levels, and I worked full-time for the newspaper.   That meant frequent meetings to cover and conflicts with … Continue reading Right Place–Wrong Time

Who Needs Punctuation??? (Yes–We Do!!!)

Punctuation is one of my most favorite topics. I regularly yell at signs posted on businesses along the roadway who declare such comments as WE HAVE WATERMELON’S TODAY.  Or worse yet SUNDAY SERVICE’S, or even… 4 SAIL SHOE’S. Yep, the culprit–misuse of apostrophe’s.  (Yes I spelled it on purpose…just sayin’.) Wrongly spelled words bug me.  Especially when  posted on a SCHOOL sign!!!   Once I actually did a wheelie and turned around … Continue reading Who Needs Punctuation??? (Yes–We Do!!!)

The Golden Age of Childhood

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Age.” Given a choice of one stage of my lifetime to last indefinitely, I would choose to be a child in the Golden Age of childhood— which I will define roughly as the period of elementary school, ages about five to eleven. These children are interested in almost everything, and are impressed with the enormity of … Continue reading The Golden Age of Childhood

My favorite paper doll–Greer Garson

(DailyPost, favorite toy as a child.) My favorite toy as a young girl was my paper doll collection. I owned as many sets, or books, of paper dolls as I possibly could. There was a paper doll edition of just about any Hollywood movie star a kid could think of, in addition to all sorts of theme dolls such as Fairy Tales, and various animals.    … Continue reading My favorite paper doll–Greer Garson

A story involving a dog named Bob…

 A Tall Tale, told in jest, on a sort of a “dare.”   The mail carrier arrives in her little truck about one p.m.   We have a big mailbox, which will hold good-sized packages along with lots of regular mail, which sits out by the road.  Except for watching on-coming traffic, which I avoid by standing behind and to the side of the box. Sometimes our … Continue reading A story involving a dog named Bob…

So if you’re a Writer–why aren’t you writing?

This is a question I have asked myself over and over– “if I am a writer, why am I not writing?” I AM writing, or thinking about writing, or reading some deathless passages penned during my starry-eyed youth.  Poetry, expounding on the various virtues and lack thereof possessed by certain passages of fancy…romantic interests with which my life had been wrecked by unrequited love, or … Continue reading So if you’re a Writer–why aren’t you writing?

…and they lived Happily Ever-After?

(Daily Prompt: living happily forever.) When the beautiful Princess meets the handsome (and rich) Prince at the end of the fairy tale, and the author tells us that “they lived happily forever after,” the notion is at least implied that the author has taken us along the barbed and beautiful path winding through the story until… The End. That’s it…the end of the story.    Anyone … Continue reading …and they lived Happily Ever-After?

Passwords and User Name Woes

(original title: RISE OF THE MACHINES–EMAIL WOE EDITION. Every one of the accounts I have…personal, business, creditors…requires a password.  I have three Yahoo accounts that I use frequently, and each has a separate password.  Today I changed the password on one of the account’s three times.  I didn’t write it down, forgot it, it just plain slipped right out of brain. It’s not easy to … Continue reading Passwords and User Name Woes

Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant

[The Daily Prompt…if a restaurant named a dish after you, what would it be called?”] Oh, that’s an easy one… it would be called The Flaky Croissant. Probably listed under a special category on the menu, like “Build Your Own Burger” or “Breakfast Your Way.” THE FLAKY CROISSANT $3.95 and Up Start with … yep, a fresh baked Croissant (or any other featured Roll of … Continue reading Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant