Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

Re the sticks-and-stones contest, following the old adage that “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”      Remember when some kid would spew off a string of bad words and mean but innocuous insults, and Mom or Grandma would sooth hurt feelings with the little rhyme…which in effect meant “if some kid hits you let me know, but … Continue reading Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

Alone…by poet Samartha Ingle, re-blogged from her site

Originally posted on S Ingle:
In love, at peace.  Is it wrong to want alone.  To not miss and not be missed.  To want nothing and no one more. Liar people say, liar maybe. Refusing to acknowledge this internal commotion leads to dry eyes, as dry as the ocean. Liar you say, liar maybe. At times it gets lonely, at times of peace. My heart… Continue reading Alone…by poet Samartha Ingle, re-blogged from her site

The Pen…by poet Charles Yonkings

The Pen There is a bang as the gavel strikes the bench. My mind unravels from the sentence that is imposed Just another case closed and life as I know it ends… Ten years thrice to serve in the pen. But then I pick up my pen and start to live again. With each stroke of  ink I transcend my transgressions, release my repressions. And … Continue reading The Pen…by poet Charles Yonkings


Politicians the greatest magicians Grandmasters in linguistics. Perform tricknowledge techniques create laws perceived so many ways. A chess game played with precision. The goal check mate corner the king. divide the family structure by any means. Entrap entrepreneurs eager to eat trying to reach Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Throwing stones at the penitentiary. Filing for evidentiary hearings. The only thing suppressed the ring of freedom. … Continue reading Illusions…