Chestnut Ridge and The 57 (still rural–sort of)

I had to shoot some sky photos out the car window while waiting at a light.     This peaceful rural scene was only recently similar on the opposite corner, to the right beyond  the  Highway 57…former farm land maintained by a Mr. Nash, who fifteen years ago could be found on his tractor plowing these fields.   Now there is an assortment of shops and restaurants, … Continue reading Chestnut Ridge and The 57 (still rural–sort of)

Home Highlights, Photo 101

The first prompt for the new Photo 101 class deals with MY HOME.  Nice theme, and since I always like to show off my environment which is so neatly and tastefully organized.   Actually my place is what is often called “lived in,” and furnished with what I called “hillbilly garage sale” motif.   (I hope that isn’t  politically incorrect :-0 )  So let me see what … Continue reading Home Highlights, Photo 101