Wisteria in silence and sound

A scent of Wisteria if real or fake borne by warm breezes over rippling tidewaters. A ship’s sharp whistle from deep in the gut, as sweet music echoes through silent halls … a faceless, mute bibliotaph, who treasures… within his soul… sounds he cannot experience except in his penetralia. © Sometimes, 2017   This WORDLE #129, has languished in my notebook for months.    I … Continue reading Wisteria in silence and sound

The News

Every day–as if by magic there’s a new crisis to cover each worse and more tragic; The Angel of Death faithfully will hover over events which appear strategic, choreographed, and artistic maneuvers directed by an invisible hand– that is not necessarily beneficial. Breathless reporters thrilled with new news, of open skies storming–ice defying global warming: topics discussed and promoted in a myriad of views…put forth … Continue reading The News

Talking too much?

At times I like to talk in rhyme but I don’t do that all the time. It is usually better to modulate the voice to speak in dulcet tones and airs of choice, crooning tremulous or chortling mellow esteem, rather than utter harsh or bitter raucus noise. At times I chatter on and on in circles, filling the air waves with clever syllables; other times … Continue reading Talking too much?

Sound of Fear

Sound of Fear A BOOM! muffled but of notice gives pause when heard on a quiet afternoon. Wondering– would I be so complacent if I were on the other side of the world? Would I calmly, momentarily look up from my page in wonder and contemplate the source of the BOOM! “a backfire?  Or distant thunder?” Or would the BOOM! resounding warn of something more … Continue reading Sound of Fear

Follow where life leads

Follow where life leads Never be afraid to alter the course of life’s road. There is no limit, no closed doors… Sleep refreshes, a pause to rest and plan to choose which bend to follow when the morning begins, and the Sun rises and shines on an original plateau. Marking a line to North or to West implies no pact to heed to the path … Continue reading Follow where life leads