Me and The War, reblog, Part 2 of Who am I to have an About Page?

[This post was the second installment of the life history of… well, Me. The first time it appeared was in 2015. For my VCBs: Very Cool Bloggers, this post will be a re-run, please bear with me if you’ve read it before, and please enjoy it if its new.] In the first installment of this feature, Who Am I to have an About Page?   IContinue reading Me and The War, reblog, Part 2 of Who am I to have an About Page?

Farewell the Muse

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
I’ll never write another word –ever– I think, maybe a bit longer. The Muse has left me, alone and mute singing quietly inside…but it isn’t writing not bringing forth words of rhyme or golden thoughts or phrases that soar with the uplifting quality that speaks of fulfillment of the annunciation of the soul (if that is even the right word.) What… Continue reading Farewell the Muse

will o’ the whisper

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
OH!     Where do the great ideas go… those flashes of brilliance that should have better resilience and remain in the Brain Cabinet long enough for establishment to take hold in the Eureka! compartment. How many times in the course of the day does  the lightbulb flash in the idea flow and tug at coat-tails for attention; hoping and praying… Continue reading will o’ the whisper

when the Muse keeps quiet

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
One of the things I love about blogging is the great bloggers…all kinds of people, all over the world, young and old (is that politically correct?) and all political and religious persuasions.   I like that.   How boring life would be if we never got out of our particular little niche.     I DO care about all my … uh…blogging acquaintances…and their opinions… Continue reading when the Muse keeps quiet

The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan…revisited (re-posted)

The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan I have to hand it to Paul Ryan the man just doesn’t quit trying! Caught in a den of experts at lying, and vying for votes by begging or buying. Speaking loudly above all the jeering and swearing, off this way or that…slipping and veering. Poor Speaker Ryan, his smile running thin against all the prying and querying… wearying, not … Continue reading The Tryin’ of Speaker Ryan…revisited (re-posted)

Direct Line…reblogging myself again

Here is another of my early poems from back in the day (Oct. 2015 in this case… Redundancy intended.) Direct Line The Moon, far away as it is bright dims the brighter light of the stars My eye sight follows the path of that light passing the light-years between Knowing full well the facts of the Moonlight reflecting the light of the Sun, it nevertheless … Continue reading Direct Line…reblogging myself again

Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it— THE DONALD’S MARCH TO INFAMY There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the people … Continue reading Stranger than Fiction: again

Why are we here? Why do we Blog?

  Why Blog? All it takes to write in a Blog Is a Writer who is a Blogger and a Reader who reads Blogs. If someone is reading that Blog –even if the blog is about nothing– then all the components are there: the Blogger blogs, and the Reader reads. And IF he is reading, and she is blogging, then there is a connection… a … Continue reading Why are we here? Why do we Blog?

Anne Finds Her Career (originally posted February 2016 )

— I first published this poem here on SOMETIMES in February of 2016.    The plan is to re-post some of my favorites among my 400+ posts since the blog began back in 2011.— Anne finds her career … When Anne was a girl, she always wanted to be a dancer.  To wear flowing gowns and satiny slippers and be guided as a sylph, lifting in twirls and … Continue reading Anne Finds Her Career (originally posted February 2016 )

“Moving South” and NAFTA

When I was growing up and into the 70s and 80s, my home area of Northeast Ohio was booming…the steel mills in Cleveland and Lorain were blasting night and day, round-the-clock shifts, and there were plenty of good-paying jobs in the mills and in auto manufacturing plants.   THEN the plants started to close and move down South….no, not to Mexico then, but to Alabama and … Continue reading “Moving South” and NAFTA


(first published January 2017 Smitten Please make your point, Madam spare me the hints and hyperbole your subtle suggestions are quite a lot for one who prefers words spoken verbally in addition to clear and simple…at all cost. Please make your point, Madam be so kind as to avoid this torture What do you want from me?    I beg you to say! Just as I think … Continue reading Smitten

From Doorstep fiction writing— to unfinished dissertation (Re-posted)

When one of my daughters was about ten, her school bus came later than those of the other kids, so she and I had half an hour or so one-on-one time.  I loved to make up stories, and some of my best (maybe) ideas came at that time.   This means fiction…since I was a working newspaper reporter and writer at the time I was writing … Continue reading From Doorstep fiction writing— to unfinished dissertation (Re-posted)

…waxing poems playfully

Now there’s a word I don’t think I have ever used… what in the world is it supposed to mean? Waxing…what at odd word if used as I think it should be conjurs visions of a can and a cloth, and an item to polish using that elbow grease Mum used to go on about… seriously…nah, not really…I think without looking it up in a … Continue reading …waxing poems playfully

The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST (reblogged from 2015)

                    Shifting Priority I have decided to change my priority without worrying about inferiority or the ways of the majority. No longer will I pretend to put domestic concerns ahead of my life’s purpose — Writing! Back in the day any writing I did was secondary or confined to the secretary’s desk. For a housewife back then furtive moments  were doled out as rewards or stray  opportunities to … Continue reading The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST (reblogged from 2015)