Welcome back…Muse

suddenly the dam holding my attempts at poetry in abeyance has broken.  Praise be!   This was an especially long slump, and it probably won’t be my last, but I’m SO glad its over.   I have not even had my camera out except for ebay work—which means no autumn trees, no flowers, not even any cat pictures.

Here’s one I wrote a while back…just waiting for the light of day.


My Muse has left me
she’s taking a break,
a well-deserved furlough
for both of our sakes.

She works night and day,
inspires me and prompts
with clever ideas
and turns of phrases.

Without her I stumble
stammer, or mumble
incoherent turns
of uninspired chatter.

poignant and pointed
and perfectly phrased
trite and trivial
droll or drivel…

patronizing or haughty
sometimes a bit naughty
dramatic or dull
inappropriate or inane

flowery prose,  tortured phrases
along side ravings that make me seem crazed
or things that perhaps would be better unsaid—
I’m just so happy when my Muse is not Dead!

© Sometimes, 2016


STATS update…new record! Hourly views up to One from Zero! Woot…

I got a nice note from WordPress yesterday:

On Sunday October 2 you surpassed your previous
record of “most likes in one day” for your posts
on Sometimes.    This is pretty awesome, well done!

Current Record— 101
Old Record— 100


Then later on yesterday I had another message from WordPress:

Your blog, Sometimes, appears to be getting
more traffic than usual!  

31 hourly views
Hourly views on average — 0

A Spike in your Stats!

To date — October 3, 2016     I have had on my blog —

569 Posts
5,960 Visitors


Missing Book finally Found

Here is something I wrote last week…sort of a poem/prayer…when I could not find a book that I had sold, and knew I had in my inventory.  My inventory has nearly two thousand books, all shelved in numerical order.     In theory, if I am looking for book number 452, it should be right there on the shelf between #451, and #453.   How easy is that?   The volume is always there….unless its not.    If it’s not, I undertake a frantic and massive search, and usually it turns up misplaced, behind other books on the shelf, in over-sized spaces, or having lost its number sticker.

I’ve blogged about this before…bragging (sort of) about my great system, which is basically fool-proof.     I am dedicated to filling orders from Amazon, and all my other venues, rapidly—most orders go out the same day they are received.      I am paranoid about maintaining my 100% performance rate, as the competition is fierce.   The description wording must be precise, and I always mention every little bend, pencil mark, dog-ear…in great detail.     If I say the book is “good” it is usually “very good” or better.

Without further ado, here is my account of my latest fiasco….which in the end turned out well, the book was located and shipped on time.    However…it was missing for a whole day and a half, and I was beginning to panic.      So I did what many self-respecting bloggers would do in my situation—write a poem.

Missing Book

Book Inventory is nice
in numerical order
instead of by price
or subject, size or color.

How hard can it be
to follow the scheme
with consecutive numbers
as the predominant theme.

It must be mischievous Fate
humor sense so gigantic—
it seems that this date
I have lost the Titanic!

A buyer waiting
counts on me for his book
what worries me is how long
the finding it took!

©Sometimes, 2016




Day Lily Day, Cee’s


This gorgeous pink Day Lily is one of the “lost” bulbs that have been languishing over by the septic tank for about 15 years.    There were about ten plants that we bought back then, and we rarely saw them.  Last Fall we decided to replant them in the front flower bed, and they are very thankful!



gather up a basket of words…

It is Intriguing to consider
how rhymes live forever
words together, unique…
within each newly phrased combinations.
The same set of letters and characters
in countless configurations
are tools of writers and poets
to bend, redefine, interpret at whim…
rephrased facts of life to express
all of Nature and human emotions!
The creation of whimsy and wit
to capture the essence
of will-o-the-wisp
of a maiden’s dreams
and a strapping lad’s
thumping heart strings!
O! the possibilities of joy and longing.
Then of Nature’s constant surprises,
sometimes thrilling to the soul
oft times filling hearts and minds
with fear and commotion!
Earth’s Moon alone in words
could fill the thoughts of poets
and … then there’s the Sun!
We…as poets…and writers
need only gather a basket of words
and tweke and crimp and coin new phrases
that express endless variations
in combinations of words.

© Sometimes, 2016

geometric shapes in photographs


Here are some examples of geometric lines and shapes in photos. .. my submission for Cee’s Photo Challenge.

The jolly gargoyle in the corner of the porch provides some curves and shapes in his body and eye.  The right-angle lines of the siding form interesting shadows and the triangular lines guide the eye.  The cross texture of the flooring also contributes to the geometric pattern variety.


The camera angle gives a triangular shape to the tulip, which actually has six petals.  I like the way the yellow pollen dusts the inside.   There are two other versions of this photo, which I include for reasons I’ll mention as I get to them.

red tulip 2
red tulip 2

I like the way this metal star looks against the siding of the house, and the way the sun reflects.   The multiple triangles is another thing I like about this picture.

star 1
star 1

This shot of the center of the star, reminds me of a pinwheel, and the places where the paint is wearing off at the joint surfaces is also interesting…plus the lighting, which adds additional geometric interest.

star close
star close

I always love the way this scene reflects, with the various angles and wavy reflections interact with the front door.  My arm with the camera and obscure rest of me may add to the picture.   It is pretty busy, but I like the contrasting images that are going on in this photo.

front door 1
front door 1

Speaking of “busy,” this photo would better describe my intent of showing off the railings and contrast of the house siding without the distraction of last year’s foliage remnants.  Again, reflections and shadows contribute.


This picture of the front steps, lattice, brick footings, and dissecting angles is one of my favorites…and I even like the maple-tree-flower debris, which I think contributes to the over-all appeal of the lines in this photo.


This picture of the political sign with the whirlpool, and the rain glistening on the boards of the deck works well…not very pretty, but I also think the pattern in the plywood, and assorted railings and “accessories” is interesting.    Upon looking at it now, I see that I could crop the container in the left hand edge of the photo…it would add to the aesthetics I think, such as they are.

rain puddle
rain puddle

Here’s the little parrot tulip again, I like the cross twigs forming a triangle frame for the flower.

red tulip3
red tulip3

Here is something different.  I like the angle formed from the top of Jeri’s head diagonally forming a line with Scott’s.  The angle of the guitar with her strumming stance of her hands, and the connection of the wood of the china cabinet, with the wire door windows… I also find pleasing.  There are possibilities for cropping here, the picture on the wall and left edge of the cabinet detract from any harmony.


Below, the little tulip is almost the same as in the former photo, framed by the sticks.   The lighting seems brighter here.

red tulip3
red tulip3

The photo below is slightly different, I like the angle of position between their heads, and the interaction to the music.  I love my orange wall!


This photo obviously is closer, and has interesting lighting on the leaves and the tulip…also the triangular angles are sharper and even the grass seems to be playing along with the image.

red tulip 1
red tulip 1

all photos are © Sometimes, 2016.


pink roses and books

Behind the convent
in a secluded courtyard
outside the tree row
of over-grown evergreens,
pink roses linger.

Straggly and thorny
descendants of ancient roots
come forth in renewal
each Spring unaware
that their time has passed.

Shaded from the midday sun
cooled by a natural draft
stone wall forms a basin
now forgotten and bare
remember tender shoots there.

A stone bench invites
weary passers-by
or guests who pause for a rest
against the cool walls
within the mottled, thin shade.

Inside the stone walls
quiet shelf-lined room
almost adequate fixtures
afford warm lighting
cast upon neat rows of books.

A stranger enters
looks around at the volumes
with foreign titles…
words of other languages
she wished she could read

The stranger leaves with a smile
and the librarian mulls
who she was…and why?
no interchange between them,
except love of books.

Sitting on the bench
again in the once-garden,
the air was now warm
she wondered who  sat there once…
and who might sit there again.



This poem goes with my Haiku submission for Carpe Diem.  https://mumbletymuse.com/2016/03/24/mixed-blessing-a-haiku/

an oxymoron–a beautiful weed
a pox on the purists’ perfect gardens and showy lawns
intended for display…but not for play
these snooty specimen of culture and prestige
Do not Touch!   Do not Pluck!

But here–over here! –in the field, untended
except by Nature and open (without saying)
to children and others to do with as they will.
Make a bouquet…or a linked fairy chain,
roll in the softness of dandelion fields,
created by Abundance without Design.
These flowers never fail to attract lovers of Yellow…
just take heed of the Bees!

© Sometimes, 2016