a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/out-of-focus/”>Focus</a&gt; above is a shot taken years ago, in early 1980s, through the window of a van traveling at high speed along a rural road in Yucatan, near the archeological site of Chichén Itza, Mexico.     At first glance it is just a ruined photo, which is often what an amateur photographer gets when shooting on-the-fly from a grimy vehicle window, speeding down a road.    … Continue reading a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Childhood Revisited The earliest memories that I recall are when I was about five years old. I don’t know if that is early, late, or average for “first” memories, but when searching back that’s as far as my memory seems to go. Sometimes what we think of as memories are actually recollections from hearing about photographs in detail. We hear who is in the picture, … Continue reading Recollections of childhood (Daily Post)

Escaping the Computer

[The Daily Post.  Theme: Bloggers, Unplugged]   The sticking, tearing sound is ME, being ripped away from my computer.   Theoretically I sit here, in my chair at my keyboard, from the time I get up in the morning — having first started the coffee, fed the cats, and grabbed something for breakfast — for two hours. In theory.  Actually sometimes I am compelled to sit … Continue reading Escaping the Computer

A Gift for Baby

                 A GIFT FOR BABY Hey little baby, what do you say? I’ve brought you a gift for your birthday. I think it will be your favorite gift, I know you will savor it as long as you have it. Among the bears and baby dolls, Rattles and things of lullabies, This gift is perfect for chewing and feels good to the gums. This … Continue reading A Gift for Baby

What My Future Holds, In Six Words

[Daily Post Prompt for today:    Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.] Writing at last, I’m happy now. Expansion on the title story:  “WHAT MY FUTURE HOLDS” That short story, consisting of SIX WORDS, is self-explanatory–even if it does sound a bit like an epiteth that might be chiseled into my … Continue reading What My Future Holds, In Six Words