re-post of Politico article about the FDA’s “nerdy virologists” panel working on Covid-19 vaccine approval

VACCINE RACE The ‘nerdy virologists’ steering the U.S. vaccine race The political backdrop could make the first coronavirus gathering of the advisory committee one of the most-watched in FDA history. A single-dose Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Johnson & Johnson. | Cheryl Gerber/Courtesy of Johnson & Johnson via AP By SARAH OWERMOHLE 10/16/2020 04:30 AM EDT As the race for the first coronavirus vaccines rounds the … Continue reading re-post of Politico article about the FDA’s “nerdy virologists” panel working on Covid-19 vaccine approval

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in…. re-blog from Meeka’s Mind

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The lyrics come from a very famous Fifth Dimension song, but this is not a post about music. The Fifth Dimension It’s a post about Covid-19 and an update on its spread, and how to live with it. And guess what? Sunshine really does make a difference, in ways that are not immediately obvious. First up I’m going… Continue reading Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in…. re-blog from Meeka’s Mind

Science in Fiction …and vice-versa

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Being a real fan of Science Fiction requires a flexible imagination, and have an open mind that is capable of accepting for consideration any concept at all.  Its OK to have compartments, or niches, or organizational charts in which these concepts reside—such as:  Possible, Improbable, Unlikely, Impossible But Intriguing, Far-Fetched, Ridiculous, and Boring. In the first place, anything can apply to… Continue reading Science in Fiction …and vice-versa

rats and sinking ships

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Donald Trump finally succeeded in shocking his fellows… now he’s watching in dismay while they scramble to jump ship. It was OK when Mr T made nasty remarks about Megan and Rosie and Miss Universe that were just worthy of snickers… his followship barely wrinkled. The insane idea of using the nukes as long as they are stacked up waiting to… Continue reading rats and sinking ships

piggy-back grasshoppers

(photo ©Sometimes, 2020) (I was sitting outside, minding my own business, when this critter ran into me and landed on the pavement nearby. I didn’t get a good look at it until later, when editing on my mainframe some snaps taken with my camera phone. Actually my subject was cats…so this grasshopper shot was a bonus.) Continue reading piggy-back grasshoppers


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This poem goes with my Haiku submission for Carpe Diem. an oxymoron–a beautiful weed a pox on the purists’ perfect gardens and showy lawns intended for display…but not for play these snooty specimen of culture and prestige Do not Touch!   Do not Pluck! But here–over here! –in the field, untended except by Nature and open (without saying) to children and… Continue reading Yellow

once there was a man who died…

Once there was a man who diedand no one knew what to do—or even who would decide. Mourners sighed and wrung their hands, and cried—“What a shame! Such a wasted life!”and embarked on self-righteous lectures. “Well I,” said God, with a nod“… have no doubts—for it is I who decide—and I say he shall ever sit by My side.” “Where he remains for eternityis not … Continue reading once there was a man who died…

clouds and memories, a poem

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Draw me gently to your chest my heart will linger there; across the ages, along time’s trails, the memories ever return. Wait for me!—oh, wait for me! the plaintive echo pleads. When least expected, awakening to memories in words of a poem. Oh tell me—where do they dwell? Among the dreams and reveries apart from the wrack of reality forever a blend of… Continue reading clouds and memories, a poem

Writings from the past

On my “writing shelf” there is an assortment of notebooks and journals, which surface now and then and entice my writers’ eye to once again peruse the long forgotten, ignored, or awaiting rediscovery, and perhaps publication, of some of my literary works of yore. As I struggle to surface from my self-imposed sabbatical, or writer’s sulk… it occurs to me that these scraps and bits … Continue reading Writings from the past