Dreaming imaginary Prague, reposted

Dreaming imaginary Prague  I have never been to Prague, except in daydreams… but my impressionable mind is easily led into the magical world of zithers and Gypsies, of violins singing and wailing in ageless melodies… music of joy and abandon…or sadness and melancholy. Put on your hat, my girl, and come along with me… We will trip the light fantastic (or is it a Fandango?) … Continue reading Dreaming imaginary Prague, reposted

a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/out-of-focus/”>Focus</a&gt; above is a shot taken years ago, in early 1980s, through the window of a van traveling at high speed along a rural road in Yucatan, near the archeological site of Chichén Itza, Mexico.     At first glance it is just a ruined photo, which is often what an amateur photographer gets when shooting on-the-fly from a grimy vehicle window, speeding down a road.    … Continue reading a glimpse of life…passing by (Daily Post Entry: Blur)

Voyager 2’s Golden Record… intercepted? or still out there?

For no apparent reason this morning I thought about the space capsule that went zooming out beyond our Solar System on June 16, 1977.      I have known about the “Golden Record” containing various information about Earth that space aliens might be interested in, assuming that they someday “find” the capsule floating around out there and delve into our characteristics.      The NASA Space Agency facility in … Continue reading Voyager 2’s Golden Record… intercepted? or still out there?

Teotihuacan 1996 revisited

Wow!   Two promises in two days….      I checked out my Digital Film/Slide Projector for my pal Judy Dykstra/Brown over at Lifelessons, AND in the same swell swoop…or is it fell swoop?… found some of my ancient slides of ancient archeological sites as I had promised my buddy BadFish! I will do a proper post about these pyramids  soon, right now the goal is to show that my … Continue reading Teotihuacan 1996 revisited

Mercado Flores Pantleon Re-Blogged

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This is the biggest flower market in Guadalajara, and the best place to go on Valentines day.  It is across the street from the Cemetary, so people can buy flowers for the departed.  It has stores that face the street Federalismo, and more and more stores as you walk a block behind the storefronts.  My favorite part is the… Continue reading Mercado Flores Pantleon Re-Blogged

travel tales

http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/01/01/1355081/-Why-Airlines-Collude-To-Make-Flying-As-Miserable-As-Possible/ Here is a story about just how terrible the experience of flying has become.    Once…not too long ago, the process of taking an air trip from a major airport, on a major airline, was one of life’s pleasures for those who could afford it…and that was a pretty broad segment of the population in the United States. Not to belabor the fond clichés of … Continue reading travel tales

A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets

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Writing 201, poetry: Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe (not that kind of apostrophe…)                      Say What, SELF? Talking to Myself is something I do Listing accomplishments, dreams, and regrets. Bragging to Self is always permitted as long as the truth is told. But sometimes I resent what SELF has to say in questioning and doubting and high-handed pouting over things that I never… Continue reading A Pleasant Chat With Myself …with no regrets

Lake Voyage

What I remember of that day in September is the Canadian shore line drifting away to the North. The warm sun and the rafters of the ferry as it lumbered southward, plying the waters, widening the distance encumbered. Green and gold on the tree line, still shades of autumn, the hint of  coming winter still vague. The horn sounded farewell as it widened the wake, … Continue reading Lake Voyage

New Years Eve

Sauerkraut balls, bubbly champagne, and midnight kisses notwithstanding, the long-awaited New Year’s Eve Date was highly over-rated. From about the age of fourteen the push was on, as magazines, movies, television, newspapers…all extolled the glamour and excitement of the parties and celebrations of New Year’s Eve. There were two major criteria for a stereotypical New Year’s Eve to be officially successful: the Magic Age of … Continue reading New Years Eve