Russian roulette and rhetoric (Re-posted)

Every week we watch the TV show Blacklist, which is noted for its elaborate plots of spies, agents, good guys and extremely unlikely  situations.     Now there is a spin-off show, starring one of the lead characters in the original show. Last night’s episode dealt with The Russians— new spies and situations, and one of the most frightening and far-fetched (maybe…) “plots” that were featured in the … Continue reading Russian roulette and rhetoric (Re-posted)

Are critics just mean?

Is it necessary, when a skinny but gorgeous fashion model is sauntering down the runway in her painful stillettos, for a critic to find something negative to say?    The girl’s hair is perfect to the last tousled curl, her figure exquisite in its proportions and invisible twekes of past imperfection.     Her patent leather bag may be a tad too plain for the somewhat “frilly” ruffles … Continue reading Are critics just mean?

Do We Even Want to be Entertained? ReBlogged, Legends of Windemere

Originally posted on Legends of Windemere: So, I’ve been wondering this for a while now.  I wasn’t sure how to write this up either and have gone through it in my head many times.  Then I stumbled onto this part from a Suicide Squad review: “In my sensible critical opinion, Suicide Squad wasn’t a complete disaster, but inexcusably mediocre. To be fair, the audience I saw… Continue reading Do We Even Want to be Entertained? ReBlogged, Legends of Windemere

Clint Eastwood is HOW old?

So today CNN had a bit about Clint Eastwood talking-tough and badass.    Of course he would like The Donald.      Isn’t he the gun-guy of the “cold-dead-hands” comment? They had a Clint Eastwood Marathon on   last month.   Not bad…some of them filmed in Arizona, and I do love movies with the desert and mountains in them, plenty of cactus.    And back in the day…wayyy back….Clint Eastwood … Continue reading Clint Eastwood is HOW old?

Washington Post columnist: aging a liability for women–especially-for-women/2016/05/13/a5d5389c-1922-11e6-aa55-670cabef46e0_story.html Ruth Marcus, Columnist for The Washington Post, had published this article about…well, ahem….women getting older.  Male readers may snicker if they read the article, but to women it is the same old tune. For women getting older is NOT getting better. Of course its fine to put on a bit of age if one is a school teacher…maturity matters.  Nurses can age, its their … Continue reading Washington Post columnist: aging a liability for women

Dress Code?

OK…I can no longer refrain from mentioning the emperor’s state of dress.  Go ahead, call me rude…snarky or catty, or a gossip.  Usually not adjectives that most people would apply to me. There is a paradox which has haunted me for months. Who are some of the most independent, and intelligent women in the  world?     Right–the female news media reporters!   Strong, opinionated, educated, well-informed, knowledgeable … Continue reading Dress Code?

John Lennon’s 75th birthday concert

Nostalgia as misty eyes fantasize o’er years swimming past in ages– eyes fill as an ocean chest fills with emotion, the heart feels a notion of turning pages same old-same old…again our world at the brink of war Dejavú is but a point of view hearing and feeling the beat of the music…again.  Don’t know whether to cry or to sing, or what to want … Continue reading John Lennon’s 75th birthday concert

What a Single Word Can Do

The Washington Post, this morning had a headline that caught my eye–one that demanded that I drop everything else on my docket and publish a post that I had scribbled in my night-time notebook.    I had been waiting to fall asleep, and  thinking about Writing,  and the World, and Worry…and the News Media. The Post article stated that the recent world summit on climate control, held in … Continue reading What a Single Word Can Do

Dreams of a Drama Queen The letter D in the A-Z Challenge

(Formerly published in this blog with the title: Dreams, the GRE, and Shirley Temple.) In my dream I was taking the GRE, the examination for applying to graduate school.  There was an endless list of multiple choice questions, in a booklet that had many pages.   I kept looking to the back pages, trying to determine how many questions there were, and how long before I … Continue reading Dreams of a Drama Queen The letter D in the A-Z Challenge

Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do? (reposted commentary)

[Fast-forward three years— its 2018, and we in the blogger world and general news-junky fellowship are on the brink of yet another Trump-Era scandal of true Alice-in-Wonderland proportions.       The new CIA Director, who was appointed just a few hours ago— Gina Haspel, was promoted in the wake of new firings by the President.    She faces grueling confirmation examination before assuming the … Continue reading Killing the Messenger…or, What Would Jack Bauer Do? (reposted commentary)