Cat shelter version 2018

Here are some shots of my current cat shelter.   It has been very cold this year so far, and my walk-in contraption works great.   The outside cats enter from the top of the storage-box shelter roof.   Two cats live in this structure, Peggy and Cat Henry. (photos ©Sometimes, 2018.)     Continue reading Cat shelter version 2018

Beware—more shots of my late great Spider web

  “Late Great” because this web was in a very precarious position…as is normal for spiders, apparently…as this splendid construction was demolished quickly when I ran right into it and ended up wearing the web like a hair-net…or veil…I forgot it was there.   (Please see yesterday’s post for more web photos if you are so inclined.) The deck is eight-feet wide. By the way— my … Continue reading Beware—more shots of my late great Spider web