The Art of Flirting, a Wordle from MLMM

It’s been awhile since I published one of my Wordle attempts.   MindLoveMiseryMenagerie regularly presents these Word-puzzles, in which a list of words is provided, to be crafted into a poem or other form of writing.     This Wordle is    #157.  (*see word list below.) The Art of Flirting We have reached a stalemate…you and I in our playhouse of make-believe, avoiding muse-thieves … Continue reading The Art of Flirting, a Wordle from MLMM

blessing for voters, a Wordle

Bless the blue and the red those who tirelessly stump for votes among the hopeful and hopeless grabbing at sticks and straws as they burn bridges behind them and always conceal how they ran the race the votes they cast—win or lose— behind the locked curtain. ©Sometimes, 2017 Wordle #273, November 11, 2016 … by MindLoveMisery the words:   blue, burn, lose, race, red, lock, … Continue reading blessing for voters, a Wordle

Wisteria in silence and sound

A scent of Wisteria if real or fake borne by warm breezes over rippling tidewaters. A ship’s sharp whistle from deep in the gut, as sweet music echoes through silent halls … a faceless, mute bibliotaph, who treasures… within his soul… sounds he cannot experience except in his penetralia. © Sometimes, 2017   This WORDLE #129, has languished in my notebook for months.    I … Continue reading Wisteria in silence and sound

to die in satin…reposted entry from 2016

This poem I wrote last year seems an appropriate companion with one I published this morning.  I love Wordles, and MLMM always is one of my favorite sites.   Thanks again MLMM! This is a Wordle for Special Edition “Touch” MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie, August 29, 2016 Challenge. This is not my usual fare, but here is the short vignette that I wrote using many, if not all, … Continue reading to die in satin…reposted entry from 2016

a penny’s worth of death, a poem MindLoveMisery’s Wordle # 166

    a penny worth of death A gun, dark and dreadful, cold steel caressing the unwilling hand seductive music of silence and pain… among bloody ravages of the plague as dancing creatures defy the promise of the Tarot foretelling the kiss that comes forth— levitating, tentatively echoing the sparking retort of the pistol’s release of a penny’s worth of death. ©Sometimes, 2017 Continue reading a penny’s worth of death, a poem MindLoveMisery’s Wordle # 166

Gall-and-Wormwood: MindLoveMisery’s Wordle#143.

Here’s a Wordle that I’ve been working on.   I like these prompt-forms so much that I write them down in my notebook and work on them when so inclined.    Here’s one I worked on for a long time but haven’t gotten it published on my blog.     The twelve words given are: apple, frigid, pain,  gall-and-wormwood (deep resentment,) dive, cinch, halfway, grime, wind, vintage, pause, and … Continue reading Gall-and-Wormwood: MindLoveMisery’s Wordle#143.

swan song, Wordle # 124, MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie

Here’s a scrap of rhyme from one of my notebooks, Wordle #124, from last October’s prompt in MindLoveMisery’s post.    I would apologize for the delay, but here it is anyway….better late than never. A grey Cygnet has lost its Mum adrift on a branch of fennel. A tad of soft nectar escaped from a bloom inexplicably left by a passing Sparrow… serves well as emergency … Continue reading swan song, Wordle # 124, MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie

Scapegrace…MMLM Wordle 137

(Day 16, 2017) Rogue Mayor ever the scapegrace (his position aside) given no quarter of tolerance for sudden nicotine cravings… mealy-mouthed and queasy from years of parapraxis and gelatinous back-bone… he longed for a fusion of wit and wisdom to complement his vast popularity. Then at last came the day that a spark took flare and he enacted a non-smoking law of dubious but far-reaching … Continue reading Scapegrace…MMLM Wordle 137

a walk in the park… a wordle poem

As we walk along the darkened trail pine needles crunch beneath our boots giving pungent aroma into the night. Lanterns glow beyond curtained mist we laugh as  an owl a “good evening” hoots. We take the trail to the river edge where trim gardens hide their colors as they gather rest for tomorrow’s sunlight. The moon parts clouds to reveal the bridge, silhouetted demurely against midnight sky. … Continue reading a walk in the park… a wordle poem