What is a Fallacy?

[What is a Fallacy?  This is the question for Writing 101-Poetry course.]  Here’s the list I prepared to use as my outline for writing the post: What is a fallacy? Something widely believed but false. No basis in fact Cut from whole cloth A rumor An old wives’ tale A lie? Stretch of the imagination Mistaken notion History is full of fallacies. Legends Christopher Columbus … Continue reading What is a Fallacy?

What a Single Word Can Do

The Washington Post, this morning had a headline that caught my eye–one that demanded that I drop everything else on my docket and publish a post that I had scribbled in my night-time notebook.    I had been waiting to fall asleep, and  thinking about Writing,  and the World, and Worry…and the News Media. The Post article stated that the recent world summit on climate control, held in … Continue reading What a Single Word Can Do

Freedom Primer

[Day 5, Writing 101-PoetryFreedom] Do we have Freedom? Oh yes, in theory we all have our guaranteed freedom even if we can’t count on all things when we need them. Some have to fret that they can’t pay the rent; and regarding their children–how to feed them? Freedom of Speech:  But of course! Say anything at all–there’s no limitations. No problems of saying just what … Continue reading Freedom Primer