Confessions of a “Non-Traditional Student.”

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At the age of fifty, I declared that since half my life was over…the other half (arbitrarily estimated at fifty more years) would be…mine.?? Really it was more of a threat than a promise, but when complaining that everyone but me had been allowed to pursue a college education, and by implication, a career.?? “Everyone” being my children, and “pursue” meaning… Continue reading Confessions of a “Non-Traditional Student.”

2020 clear vision: forward and back

For days, even weeks, agonizing over dragging out and dusting off my blog Sometimes. It has been four years since my enthusiasm for working every day at adding a poem, essay on writing or politics, posting photos of Spring flowers and Year-Around Cats. My heart just wasn’t in it, as if a huge collapse of my brain-files had suddenly been sealed, and the world just … Continue reading 2020 clear vision: forward and back

Memorial to Aborigines, photo by my Cousin Greg

My Cousin Greg Towner posted this photo on his facebook page.   Thanks Greg! Chatting with an Australian friend this morning, I mentioned this memorial and she asked if I could post it on my blog.    It strikes me as humorous that I am a go-between two Australians, here literally on the other side of the world.    Greg  has written and published some … Continue reading Memorial to Aborigines, photo by my Cousin Greg

Hey…where is everybody?

…just kidding!    I know you guys are out there doing your respective activities and chores.   It’s ME that has been absent for a long time.    So now I’m back. No, it wasn’t you…its me.   Stuff happening just one after another, and although I thought about writing some of it in the blog, usually forgot about it until the next Big Thing … Continue reading Hey…where is everybody?

Measles and other vaccines

Measles? Really? Back in the day, 1963 more or less, my more or less tranquil household came face to face with a childhood disease that, at the time, was common in the United States. Measles…along with Mumps and Chicken Pox, were not perhaps considered to be a really big deal. Most children encountered the diseases in school, and were almost immediately contagious and parents and … Continue reading Measles and other vaccines

The Art of clever conversation, a Wordle from MLMM

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It’s been awhile since I published one of my Wordle attempts.   MindLoveMiseryMenagerie regularly presents these Word-puzzles, in which a list of words is provided, to be crafted into a poem or other form of writing.     This Wordle is    #157.  (*see word list below.) The Art of Flirting We have reached a stalemate…you and I in our playhouse… Continue reading The Art of clever conversation, a Wordle from MLMM