I recognized the blue, blue eyes in a stranger

I originally wrote this story in 2015, when enrolled in a WordPress fiction-writing class.


[Day 6, Characterization Exercise, WRITING 101.]

Note: this person may be fictious.

I was having some Mcnuggets and a chocolate shake, at a familiar fast-foods place where I had dined countless times before. It seemed odd that I had never before noticed the woman with the broom.

Knocking over the shake was accidental, a careless flick of the hand. It made a “flup” sound as the paper cup crashed to the floor, and sort of exploded like toothpaste, spreading in a mess on the floor. In a moment of quiet horror we both stared at the substance flowing onto the floor, its whipped cream and cherry floating out gently like an island.

As I sat there agape, the woman sprang into action. Abandoning her broom, which was useless against the icy goo, she dashed to the paper-napkin dispenser (over by the pop machine) and grabbed a handful. She deftly gathered…

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a walk to see what’s coming up (March 14)

about my new header photo…its not photoshopped

The photo of the heart-shaped cloud formation is one I took several years ago. It is an actual photo of the sky, taken from a parking lot. A glance at the clouds when I got out of the car suggested that two opposing clouds were on a “collision course,” so I waited until they actually merged into the heart shape. No tricks of photo manipulation.

just sayin’ 🙂

That particular parking lot is known (by me, anyway) to produce some great sky-scapes.

A quirk of fate


Photo provided by Magpie Tales.

Standing here in my brother’s coat
staring out to sea and wishing
I could be the one out on the boat
living a sailor’s life amid sails and cannons
instead of here in my girlish petticoat–
pretending I’m fishing.

“A quirk of Fate,” I tell my brother,
“our souls were clearly switched at birth.”
It is I who belongs on the sailing ship,
wearing shiny skin boots and suits of brocade
with a jaunty cock-hat and a frilly shirt…
buttons of brass and fine velvet knickers!
and YOU who should be here on the shore–

But alas!  Woe is me! –The luck is all yours…
for I am corseted and stranded in this body
weak and tender, forced to wear clothing
of silk and lace, never anything “gaudy.”
I wish I could be the one out on the boat
living a sailor’s life–instead of standing…

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a drop of color in a bottle of soap= colored soap like a lava lamp (sort of)

I like to use the big bottle of clear liquid hand soap to refill the little bottles. It took two drops of the blue food coloring. I didn’t shake it up, the bottle was partly full and I just dropped in the coloring and then poured in the rest to fill the bottle. It did its own decorating…. I have a red one, too, but the picture isn’t as pretty because of the background; besides, I couldn’t make the red photo transfer.

It doesn’t take much to entertain me. 🙂

35mm slides from 50 years ago, now digital images on my computer

I promised a couple of my blogging pals to publish some some photos that I digitalized from old 35mm slides . The photographers were my Cousin “Pat” Lehman, who was a high school band director in Columbus, Ohio for lots of years before he retired and his wife, Lila, who was my Dad’s first cousin. I inherited a collection of things—including lots of photos they took in their travels back in the 1970s. When I grabbed this box of slides I thought they were part of my own collection … however, they are good shots of a trip to Spain, and since I had them handy here they are. (Pat and Lila would be thrilled to know that their photos are being enjoyed by bloggers!)

The Digital Film/Slide Converter (with rapid feeder) that I bought about five years ago from “The Sharper Image” catalogue. They have an updated model that looks to be the same as mine except it doesn’t have the “stack loader.” The stack loader is problematic anyway, I use it, but the old, old slides stick in the slider thing and have to handled manually…not that that is a criticism. This is a nifty gadget! Here’s a link. The price of the thing is still very reasonable I see.

My Cousin Lila & Friend

this is a practice post, trying out the new editor :-)

In order: Bob, Toby, Bog, Moby, Moby, and Guess Who? Wrong— its Tinkerbell.

Bob and Toby are still around in March of 2021, Moby and Tinkerbell both died in 2017, respectively 17 years and 19 years. (All photos © Sometimes 2021)