My 2018 cat shelter (Part I)

Time to update the outside cat shelter.  Lots of straw, tarps, assorted crates and wood…and a big table… plus more to come. Barbara, for faithful followers’ information, is the wild Calico Cat that lives outside and was rarely seen…until the greenhouse where she hung out for years was torn down last spring, leaving poor Barbara rather confused and homeless.    But now she has apparently … Continue reading My 2018 cat shelter (Part I)

blessing for voters, a Wordle

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Bless the blue and the red those who tirelessly stump for votes among the hopeful and hopeless grabbing at sticks and straws as they burn bridges behind them and always conceal how they ran the race the votes they cast—win or lose— behind the locked curtain. ©Sometimes, 2017 Wordle #273, November 11, 2016 … by MindLoveMisery the words:   blue, burn,… Continue reading blessing for voters, a Wordle

a bit of haiku…because I like you

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Topsy Turvy twists and turns happen each day the world turns tighter, like a spinning top ©Sometimes, 2017 ? Connections What can be made of them… the funny snaps and buttons …old-fashion Velcro? ©Sometimes, 2017 ?    Join Me Come and dance with me across the hills and time streams let’s echo always! © Sometimes, 2017 ? light a sliver of moonbeam… Continue reading a bit of haiku…because I like you

Who Doesn’t Fancy Pansies?

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Our first visit to our favorite greenhouse today.    We ordered some red Million Bells, and some Lantana…for a couple of weeks from now.    Meanwhile, some other plants are blooming…Rhododendron, and some Azaleas.   Daffodils are done, Tulips still around but ready to make their exit shortly.   So here are some Pansy Photos… (all photos on this post are… Continue reading Who Doesn’t Fancy Pansies?

Cat Decisions

  (photos ©Sometimes,2018)  The colors in these shots are overwhelmed by the bright sunlight coming in the windows…except for Pearl, who is completely black and requires different camera settings to see her face.   The green paint is prettier than it appears, but could use a fresh coat of paint.   (The very thought of painting scares me!    and yes, I know we should … Continue reading Cat Decisions

Flooring update half-way there!

The workers are here installing the new floor, which looks great.    We will paint or stain the baseboards so they are nice when they go back up.    The living room area is about half of the job, so it’s a relief to have it so far along.   However, everybody knows what happens when major new infrastructure goes in…. right…. the walls look … Continue reading Flooring update half-way there!

No more kittens…but here’s a possibility

  The latest kittens from next door.   Barbara has been featured in this blog before…she is a rough and tumble lady that appeared from thin air long ago; she lived in the now defunct greenhouse across the road.   Not sure where she lives now, she is very illusive. [all photos ©Sometimes, 2018} Continue reading No more kittens…but here’s a possibility