Miracle Year, a Haiku for Day 4 2017

Some of us believe
the World needs a miracle
we have one–still here!

My heart has a song
renews each year without fail
may all share my joy!

Here it is at last,
once again a brand new year
hopes and dreams shine.

Another new chance
for turning out right at last
fresh new beginning…

Twenty Seventeen
magical number this year
for all optimists.

Another new year
promises always renew
our World is still here!

© Sometimes, 2017

organization begone!

So far so good
on my New Year’s resolution,
already Day Two!

Clearing my desk
may be part of the solution
of my goal to be tidy.

On the other hand,
the only reason to tidy my spot
is to pile up new clutter.

Neat pristine spaces
seem such a darn waste…
like bookshelves sans books!

New manila folders
with crispy sharp tabs
are nice but tend to confuse.

tends to mystify storage
if it all is “where it belongs.”

So for Twenty-Seventeen
the main goal is writing
and working the blog!

Happy New Year
my friends and fellow bloggers
wherever you are!

© Sometimes, 2017