Z is for a tale about a girl named Zoë, at the end of the A-Z Challenge

A Girl named Zoë Zoë was a young lady who believed that just maybe somewhere…somebody really existed for her, so she set about searching. She heard all the tales told about princes and toads that waited along the roads for lovely maidens… so they could offer them tea. Then one fine day our Zoë met the toad of her dreams… (just a joke in a … Continue reading Z is for a tale about a girl named Zoë, at the end of the A-Z Challenge

U is for Ubiquitous, A-Z

One of the vowels, Letter U is everywhere, Spanish and English, not uniquely paired with Q– quite Ubiquitous. The Aztecs used Q but not them, exclusively, although one wonders who decided to pronounce the sound of Q…like a K. Ubiquitous too is poison ivy, growing in flower beds and on trees. If there would be a contest the champ would be Me! I always wonder … Continue reading U is for Ubiquitous, A-Z

S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

Today’s post was inspired by Mindlovemisery’s site.   Thanks https://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/six-for-wednesday-3-schrodingers-cat/ I’ve always wondered about Schröedinger’s cat– specifically the end state of the experiment. Imagination shows plainly or is it hopefully?  that the cat jumped out of the box while alive and sauntered off in time for supper It would be a shame if the poor feline– what was her name?– was to meet her demise in … Continue reading S is for Schrödinger’s Cat

R is for RADIO shows in the A-Z

When we were kids, back in the 1940s, we spent inclement Sunday afternoons lying on the living room floor–coloring books and crayons at the ready for “something to do while listening to the radio.”   Then we would listen to a variety of shows which were aimed at no particular listening audience.  Cowboys, Cops, and Crooks of all kinds were the favorites that filled the … Continue reading R is for RADIO shows in the A-Z

Q is for…scrabble? in the A-Z challenge

Scrabble enthusiasts (you know who you are) know very well that to be able to use that Q there must be a U, in English, anyway. So quickly, as soon as possible…grab that U, and don’t use it frivolously on words other than Q’s… There is always QU for Quilt, as Quilters will know, and in Spanish there is QUE? in English a Query. On … Continue reading Q is for…scrabble? in the A-Z challenge

P stands for Photography in the A-Z Challenge

Here are a few examples of preservation of photos of relatives:  these photos are in their original frames, on the wall or (currently on dresser waiting to be put back up after we painted the wall.  These photos show several generations of my family from my great-grandmother to my youngest grand-daughter.       Professional or amateur, photographs perform a valuable service by preserving pictures … Continue reading P stands for Photography in the A-Z Challenge

K is for Karma in the A-Z

Karma can claim revenge, without us even knowing why so live carefully, always planning and thinking before leaping. Don’t forget to feed the dog– he may be your master some day. You may realize, without knowing why, that your Sister was once your fierce fifteen-times-great- grandfather. Don’t try to explain that her bright yellow hair came from the red-blooded  genes of a half-savage Norseman. If … Continue reading K is for Karma in the A-Z

J is for JUST WAR

I read an article yesterday that prompted me to blog about it…and how coincidental  and appropriate that the  subject is   — the LETTER J in the A-Z Challenge ! But don’t worry, I’ll try to wrap it up in a little poem, and leave the details to the original sources via links to the sites.   Please NOTE: These references are suggested reading only–there won’t … Continue reading J is for JUST WAR