piggy-back grasshoppers

(photo ©Sometimes, 2020)

(I was sitting outside, minding my own business, when this critter ran into me and landed on the pavement nearby. I didn’t get a good look at it until later, when editing on my mainframe some snaps taken with my camera phone. Actually my subject was cats…so this grasshopper shot was a bonus.)

Playing with raindrops

The white streaks are not only pouring rain, they are on the verge of turning to snow.  This was taken four or five days ago.  🙂

raindrop 1
Raindrop 1

As I was sitting on the deck watching the rain/snow fall, I thought it would be fun to see if I could capture some drops.   These photos, following, are of individual drops into the same puddle…a couple of them are close-ups, and the orientation varies.   Since I am not an engineer (I know, not really a photographer, either… I will refrain from speculating on any mechanical aspects.  I just think the resulting pics are interesting and cool reflections of the puddle-water.   I hope they will fit right in with Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge for this week!

raindrop 3raindrop 4raindrop 5raindrop 2raindrop 4raindrop 5raindrop 3raindrop 6

All photos on this page are © Sometimes, 2016.

mystic pond art


I often find surprises in photographs, serendipitous objects or impressions that might be considered gifts from My Muse.   This photo is a random pond shot, one of a series.  In the foreground are some dry weeds, and their shadows cast onto the water take on curious face-like shapes,  reminiscent of doodle-drawings.      Peggy, the cat, seems to have been transfixed by the mysterious shapes and lines…or maybe she just paused in passing to inspect a bug.

What do you think?   Am I seeing things?