about my new header photo…its not photoshopped

The photo of the heart-shaped cloud formation is one I took several years ago. It is an actual photo of the sky, taken from a parking lot. A glance at the clouds when I got out of the car suggested that two opposing clouds were on a “collision course,” so I waited until they actually merged into the heart shape. No tricks of photo manipulation.

just sayin’ 🙂

That particular parking lot is known (by me, anyway) to produce some great sky-scapes.

Sundog and Unusual Clouds RE-Blogged from I Read Encyclopedias…

[Gradmama2011 says:  I LOVE clouds, and all kinds of atmospheric wonders. This is a super site, and as another person who reads encyclopedias, I really enjoy it. Thanks for the RE-BLOG availability…Jay Dee! https://ireadencyclopedias.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/sundog-and-unusual-clouds/

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Yesterday, I was able to see a great phenomenon known as a sundog. These things are part of a halo around the sun and created by hexagonal ice crystals in the air, usually with cirrus clouds. Well, there were plenty of cirrus clouds yesterday. This sundog that I saw was rainbow coloured, though it didn’t turn out very well in the picture. You can see it below.

20160128-204820-74900319.jpg Sundog in the cirrus clouds.

And cirrus clouds are interesting to look at, too. They have a lot of patterns, like waves or feathers. I got some pictures of those, too.

20160128-204904-74944314.jpg Rippled cirrus clouds.

20160128-204918-74958307.jpg Rippled and feathery cirrus clouds.

20160128-204931-74971340.jpg Fluffy cirrus clouds on the right, wispy cirrus clouds behind the building and in front of the sun.

Have you ever seen a sundog? Cirrus clouds are pretty common, but you have to be lucky to see a sundog.

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What Do You See?

What do you see in the photo that I used in the header of this blog?

Sure, Clouds.   But what do you see in the cloud formation?

What I see is two small dogs playing…the one on the left  (use the “eye” as a vantage point) is sparring with the one on the right.   A touch of imagination shows another little dog  jumping in the air with ears flying.

I did not see the little dogs the first several times I loaded the page and saw the header.   But apparently my eye caught the dog’s eye…and presto! the picture slid into place.

Just now my son came into the room and I asked HIM what he saw in the clouds.   He sees Santa Claus, hat, beard…sleigh of toys to the left (where I see the little dog with the eye.)   And where I see the floppy-ear dog, Scott sees the reindeer… stylized, of course.

Now,  I still see the playing dogs–but I can also make out Santa.

What do YOU see in the clouds?