about my new header photo…its not photoshopped

The photo of the heart-shaped cloud formation is one I took several years ago. It is an actual photo of the sky, taken from a parking lot. A glance at the clouds when I got out of the car suggested that two opposing clouds were on a “collision course,” so I waited until they actually merged into the heart shape. No tricks of photo manipulation.

just sayin’ 🙂

That particular parking lot is known (by me, anyway) to produce some great sky-scapes.

late bloomers star for Autumn

pretty pink petunia

humble petunias shine

a single Million Bell

volunteer Rose of Sharon

Mr. Pepper

prolific Hosta blooms

Rose of Sharon


Wild Goose Cloud OR Alligator Jaws?

reaching for the clouds

UFO in the clouds

Airport traffic

jet trails 4 w red

Afternoon traffic from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.     Jet trails against picturesque cloud cover.   We always have a ring side seat on airport activity.   These photos are facing southeast.    ©Sometimes,2017)


jet trails2

Something lovely…

Sometimes I forget to take my camera with me when I leave home, and invariably I miss some momentous or fantastic shot that haunts me forever…er, maybe not that long…but I would have been truly regretful had yesterday been one of those times!   The cloud dissipated quickly between shots; in a nanosecond the heart was gone.    Would that have this cloud been visible back in the day someplace with my true love, as a lovely omen of wondrous days to come.   However, as fate would have it, I was with my son in the parking lot of the grocery store.  Not exactly romantic…

heart cloud 2

heart cloud

Heart Cloud photos © Sometimes, 2016


Sundog and Unusual Clouds RE-Blogged from I Read Encyclopedias…

[Gradmama2011 says:  I LOVE clouds, and all kinds of atmospheric wonders. This is a super site, and as another person who reads encyclopedias, I really enjoy it. Thanks for the RE-BLOG availability…Jay Dee! https://ireadencyclopedias.wordpress.com/2016/01/28/sundog-and-unusual-clouds/

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Yesterday, I was able to see a great phenomenon known as a sundog. These things are part of a halo around the sun and created by hexagonal ice crystals in the air, usually with cirrus clouds. Well, there were plenty of cirrus clouds yesterday. This sundog that I saw was rainbow coloured, though it didn’t turn out very well in the picture. You can see it below.

20160128-204820-74900319.jpg Sundog in the cirrus clouds.

And cirrus clouds are interesting to look at, too. They have a lot of patterns, like waves or feathers. I got some pictures of those, too.

20160128-204904-74944314.jpg Rippled cirrus clouds.

20160128-204918-74958307.jpg Rippled and feathery cirrus clouds.

20160128-204931-74971340.jpg Fluffy cirrus clouds on the right, wispy cirrus clouds behind the building and in front of the sun.

Have you ever seen a sundog? Cirrus clouds are pretty common, but you have to be lucky to see a sundog.

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What Do You See?

What do you see in the photo that I used in the header of this blog?

Sure, Clouds.   But what do you see in the cloud formation?

What I see is two small dogs playing…the one on the left  (use the “eye” as a vantage point) is sparring with the one on the right.   A touch of imagination shows another little dog  jumping in the air with ears flying.

I did not see the little dogs the first several times I loaded the page and saw the header.   But apparently my eye caught the dog’s eye…and presto! the picture slid into place.

Just now my son came into the room and I asked HIM what he saw in the clouds.   He sees Santa Claus, hat, beard…sleigh of toys to the left (where I see the little dog with the eye.)   And where I see the floppy-ear dog, Scott sees the reindeer… stylized, of course.

Now,  I still see the playing dogs–but I can also make out Santa.

What do YOU see in the clouds?



Time to Try a New Theme….Ta Da

[Updated version of this post.]

Yep, its that time again…a brand new theme for my blog.    This one is called Colinear.

The main reason I looked for another theme was that I wanted to show off the photo of this gorgeous cloud formation, and a small header space just didn’t do it justice.  I wanted the whole cloud surrounded by blue sky, and some tree tops.

A nice bonus was that the theme allows the background of the text to be a color…this is a feature that I have wanted.   Mainly I like the soft color tint instead of stark white, which hurts my eyes.    Perhaps the cloud picture is too big, and maybe I will make it smaller.

Photos of the sky and clouds are a favorite of mine.


                                                                           Taken from my back deck.



The two photos above are in the same cloud formation.  The sun is setting (Left) and the clouds are moving toward the East, over Lake Erie about ten miles to the North.  Taken from an Ohio parking lot.