toning down the glare

Last month I got a new computer, printer, and camera.   Yesterday the monitor had to go back to the store because the brightness control didn’t work.    I have had computers since 1983, and the first thing I ever did when setting them up for use was to adjust the brightness of the screen.   The manufacturers insist upon having white backgrounds on much of the content, … Continue reading toning down the glare

Re-discovering Classics of Literature

My reference to the Sword of Damocles, in a poem I posted a few days ago, has served to jog my poor over-loaded brain.   I always think of the human brain as a vast library-like cavern, perhaps not unlike the wondrous university libraries, such as those at Oberlin College, and the Bierce Library at the University of Akron, which are two of the libraries where I did … Continue reading Re-discovering Classics of Literature

What happened to the first post?

Good question…I’m glad you asked! I do a lot of photos…some are good, some are pretty bad focus-wise,  grainy and blurry.   So yesterday in a fit of frustration I decided to try to get to the bottom of the problem.  I have an idea how I want photo galleries to look, and all I want is clarity, focus, and decent pics that I don’t have … Continue reading What happened to the first post?

…waxing poems playfully

Now there’s a word I don’t think I have ever used… what in the world is it supposed to mean? Waxing…what at odd word if used as I think it should be conjurs visions of a can and a cloth, and an item to polish using that elbow grease Mum used to go on about… seriously…nah, not really…I think without looking it up in a … Continue reading …waxing poems playfully

Punctuation Police please protect QWERTY

I —  how does one make an em dash— or is that even possible in the cyber-age?  Did the punctuation-police conspire to deprive us “typists” from the olden days of basic qwerty functions? Ah-ha!   Since time immemorial all that was needed to make an em-dash  was to type the hyphen key twice—but now the mark can be accomplished by hitting the hyphen key three times.  … Continue reading Punctuation Police please protect QWERTY

Good News!

red light in green row not a harbinger of good brings words “no signal.” That sinking feeling in the pit of the being warns of disaster… threatening isolation. Wait for the agent always seems like forever, breath held in hostage fearing the admonition: you’re sure its plugged in? Will I understand all the agent’s instructions and know what to do– be familiar with lingo and … Continue reading Good News!

New York Public Library treasure trove–Free

Before I got my first computer in 1983 my rational was: when all of the contents of the New York Public Library collection is available on the computer (there was no such thing as “online,” at least as far as I knew.    The Radio Shack guy looked at me like I was out of my mind (no argument there) and didn’t comment.   Actually I didn’t … Continue reading New York Public Library treasure trove–Free

Escaping the Computer

[The Daily Post.  Theme: Bloggers, Unplugged]   The sticking, tearing sound is ME, being ripped away from my computer.   Theoretically I sit here, in my chair at my keyboard, from the time I get up in the morning — having first started the coffee, fed the cats, and grabbed something for breakfast — for two hours. In theory.  Actually sometimes I am compelled to sit … Continue reading Escaping the Computer

Who Needs Punctuation??? (Yes–We Do!!!)

Punctuation is one of my most favorite topics. I regularly yell at signs posted on businesses along the roadway who declare such comments as WE HAVE WATERMELON’S TODAY.  Or worse yet SUNDAY SERVICE’S, or even… 4 SAIL SHOE’S. Yep, the culprit–misuse of apostrophe’s.  (Yes I spelled it on purpose…just sayin’.) Wrongly spelled words bug me.  Especially when  posted on a SCHOOL sign!!!   Once I actually did a wheelie and turned around … Continue reading Who Needs Punctuation??? (Yes–We Do!!!)

How Did We Live Without our Cell Phones?

I have five great-grandchildren, and they all have tablets and cell phones…albeit the cell phones are under supervision.  They range from 10 to 2 1/2, and the older four are proficient in computer skills (at least on a basic level, two of the kids are seven years old.)     The youngest, for obvious reasons does not have a tablet, or access to cell phone use. Their … Continue reading How Did We Live Without our Cell Phones?

RE-BLOGGED: Should we try to Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?

[This excellent post by Steve is so good, in my opinion, that I would like to take this opportunity to re-blog here on Sometimes, with an accompanying post of my own in a separate article, which will be published later today.] Continue reading RE-BLOGGED: Should we try to Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?

What Do Readers Really Want?

So far I’ve published 105 posts, covering all kinds of subjects from poison ivy to politics. Hmmm…do I see a pattern here?   Just kidding.  Poison Ivy is real and annoying, and Politics–surreal and ridiculous sometimes. I’ve written about myself…mostly adventures and quirks.   Other posts featured butterflies, Cuba, TV shows, Will Smith, the Aztec Calendar, and the Word Police.   Even after studying the list of posts, … Continue reading What Do Readers Really Want?

It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here !

I’m still not breathing at 100%, but so far, so good. WHAT is here? I have been as anxious as a kid on Christmas morning, waiting patiently for it to arrive. The song going through my head:   “I’m so Excited!  I just can’t hide it–I’m about to lose control, and I  think I like it!” Yep, Windows10, the fabled new “best Windows ever!” version. I’m … Continue reading It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here !

Passwords and User Name Woes

(original title: RISE OF THE MACHINES–EMAIL WOE EDITION. Every one of the accounts I have…personal, business, creditors…requires a password.  I have three Yahoo accounts that I use frequently, and each has a separate password.  Today I changed the password on one of the account’s three times.  I didn’t write it down, forgot it, it just plain slipped right out of brain. It’s not easy to … Continue reading Passwords and User Name Woes

OK, OK, where’s the darn space button?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text World.” This prompt is especially appropriate, as my friend in Virginia and I are exchanging cell numbers after at least 15 years of being email BFFs.   Yesterday in fact when a strange text came across I suspiciously replied to her question asking if I had received the text.   Fearing a dreaded … Continue reading OK, OK, where’s the darn space button?