FROSTY Returns Just in Time

Frosty Snowman Pat (2).JPG

It’s that time of year again! This photo of me having one of the times of my life!

This photo of me whooping it up is from a long time ago, photo credits going to the Chronicle-Telegram decades ago.   

Basically shy, you would never catch the real me…in my own body and clothing get-ups…marching down the main street in town as Frosty the Snowman.   Such shenanigans are only likely for some people as marchers when clad in wonderful costumes…charming the kids along the route, who all wanted to shake hands with Frosty and his Friends.

This was a gala Christmas Parade back in the 1970s (or so) and the costumes were thanks to a company that had just made them of foam and fleece.   I should dig out the photos of some of the other characters costumes…they were excellent.   They included Santa, the three Pigs, the Wolf, and assorted others.  The parade featured the North Ridgeville (Ohio) High School Band, and lots revelers.  

I have posted this photo previously on SOMETIMES.    It always cheers me up….being Frosty is uplifting and happy days