A Word About Words From the OED

The Oxford English Dictionary remains THE word bible of the English language.   The OED is available online, with a Word-of-the-Day feature to which one can subscribe without cost.   A full subscription is beyond my budget, and I do respect the OED’s the prohibition against re-posting in its entirety.   Anyone can subscribe to the daily word post  through the OED web site at … Continue reading A Word About Words From the OED

Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

Re the sticks-and-stones contest, following the old adage that “sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”      Remember when some kid would spew off a string of bad words and mean but innocuous insults, and Mom or Grandma would sooth hurt feelings with the little rhyme…which in effect meant “if some kid hits you let me know, but … Continue reading Sticks and Stones and “Dotards”

…waxing poems playfully

Now there’s a word I don’t think I have ever used… what in the world is it supposed to mean? Waxing…what at odd word if used as I think it should be conjurs visions of a can and a cloth, and an item to polish using that elbow grease Mum used to go on about… seriously…nah, not really…I think without looking it up in a … Continue reading …waxing poems playfully

What is a Fallacy?

[What is a Fallacy?  This is the question for Writing 101-Poetry course.]  Here’s the list I prepared to use as my outline for writing the post: What is a fallacy? Something widely believed but false. No basis in fact Cut from whole cloth A rumor An old wives’ tale A lie? Stretch of the imagination Mistaken notion History is full of fallacies. Legends Christopher Columbus … Continue reading What is a Fallacy?

How Did We Live Without our Cell Phones?

I have five great-grandchildren, and they all have tablets and cell phones…albeit the cell phones are under supervision.  They range from 10 to 2 1/2, and the older four are proficient in computer skills (at least on a basic level, two of the kids are seven years old.)     The youngest, for obvious reasons does not have a tablet, or access to cell phone use. Their … Continue reading How Did We Live Without our Cell Phones?