Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it— THE DONALD’S MARCH TO INFAMY There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to be rich, andContinue reading “Stranger than Fiction: again”

Nursery Rhyme commentary

  Remember the Maiden All Forlorn? Who kissed the cow with the crumpled horn? Ever wonder what was her problem? Was it the Man All Tattered and Torn? Did our Maiden prefer the Cow to the advances of the passerby? The saddest dilemma the poor Maiden faced was that to report the bad man wasContinue reading “Nursery Rhyme commentary”

rats and sinking ships

Donald Trump finally succeeded in shocking his fellows… now he’s watching in dismay while they scramble to jump ship. It was OK when Mr T made nasty remarks about Megan and Rosie and Miss Universe that were just worthy of snickers… his followship barely wrinkled. The insane idea of using the nukes as long asContinue reading “rats and sinking ships”

“Many Say”—the new “THEY”

Well, one thing I’ll grudgingly give Donald Trump is that when he says “many say” he actually isn’t exaggerating===every word he says is diligently (and selectively) repeated on the television, in newspapers…on-line magazines, even Facebook.   Since he never takes credit (responsibility) for what he says  no matter how many times the video footage is repeated.Continue reading ““Many Say”—the new “THEY””

WAIT! DO RUSSIANS REALLY OWN DONALD J. TRUMP? (Re-blogged from Jnana’s Red Barn.)

Originally posted on Jnana's Red Barn:
Apart from the furor over the WikiLeaks release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails is a much bigger, more troubling, question: Exactly why were the Russians doing covert electronic snooping against the American liberal party, anyway? (Makes me wonder about the presumed security of U.S. State Department lines,…

Hey…we love Pocahontas! I realize that Mr. Trump is fully intending to insult Senator Elizabeth Warren…and by association all of the Native American Tribes in general.  Why not?  Why should they be exempt from the general bad-mouthing by the President Assumptive Trump.   (Just kidding…no derision of Native Americans intended. ) My first reaction was to wonder whyContinue reading “Hey…we love Pocahontas!”

The Donald–renamed and re-blogged

HI… I originally wrote this ditty for a WordPress class last year.  It is re-blogged here because I think it is still very pertinent to current events.    With apologies to my readers that have read this bit before. Who you calling imperfect? There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to  be rich,Continue reading “The Donald–renamed and re-blogged”

Slingin’ Smack

Donald Trump is no horse’s rump no matter what I say. This is a man with a Midas’ Touch, who slays rival politicos …like the old knights slew dragons. They could all learn a lesson from The Donald… the more wheels spin the deeper they dig in the mud–or muck. As the saying goes: youContinue reading “Slingin’ Smack”

Using Time Bonus

I never have had trouble killing time, as they say, although many times “found” time is a bonus for me.  This is because it is usually time spent in a waiting room somewhere, an airport, in-between classes…wherever there is nothing to do but sit.  Watching people is great fun, and that is one of theContinue reading “Using Time Bonus”

Donald Trump is going… where?

Originally posted on SOMETIMES:
[Writing 201, Poetry.  DAY 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment–which is a technique they must have taught when I was skipping English class in high school.]            Who you calling imperfect? There once was a boy named Donald Who wanted to  be rich, and grow up to be President ha ha! said the…

Watch those spectators sitting behind debate stars (re-blogged)

Some of the most interesting fans, or supporters, or spectators–whatever you call them–are the people sitting in the stands directly behind the speaker’s podium at televised speeches. A case in point is the woman who ended up more or less trapped at a Donald Trump rally recently.  She happened to be black…which she said wasContinue reading “Watch those spectators sitting behind debate stars (re-blogged)”

The Donald’s March to Infamy (re-titled and posted again.)

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.  I had great fun writing it—and I think it is very pertinent at this particular time, less than a week away from the  Election forContinue reading “The Donald’s March to Infamy (re-titled and posted again.)”

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