parallel society

Would it be possible
to invent a whole new
society to parallel ours?
It could be done in a dream
or in a stream of consciousness,
where the creator did not
pause from the stages
of planning or imagining
such a society.

First there would be a door–
really quite an ordinary door
without a window–
or it could have a pane of
translucent glass.
This door would have no lock
and it would only open one way.

Once a decision is made
there is a chance to change
one’s mind–but only one
final choice when the time
is up.   IN or OUT?
The new society–or the old?

This is where the new society
is formed.  What will be the criteria?
Who will be in charge?
Who will decide WHO is in charge?
Until these decisions are made…
society will ever loom large.

© Sometimes, 2016