Re-Blog from Daily Kos

I am re-posting an article from the Daily Kos today, because it is exactly my position on the matter of Bernie Sanders (yes–my hero!) disappointing turn  to almost mimic the Donald Trump/Ted Cruz fiasco on the other side.)

I couldn’t have said it better myself.   There has been NO candidate ever in the history of the country…ANY country, for that matter…that was 100% agreeable to everyone.  What was that saying about “fooling some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time_ –and the caveat of Captain Kangaroo that “ya can’t fool Mom” — OK, so the quote is mixed up, but the thought is still there.

The ideal position to find ourselves in at the voting booth is having to choose among several honest, qualified, fair, non-self-serving candidates.   But all too often we are faced with voting for the “lesser of the evils.”    I don’t happen to think that is an issue in this election.  In my informed opinion Hillary Clinton IS indeed a well-qualified candidate for President of the United States.

There are issues that I personally am at odds with Clinton … such as NAFTA, for openers.     There are other reasons, but I have never met a politician yet that always voted as I would have wanted them to.   By the same token, I DO like Bernie Sanders…a lot!.  But to be honest what I like about Sanders is that his ideas and concerns are so….. um…. utopian.   Everyone would be happy and at least reasonably well off financially, and there would be plenty of jobs…free education, sensible taxes, minimum wage would actually be enough to help out the family budget.   We would love everyone in the world…but stand ready to beat them up if necessary.   There would be no prejudice or hate, and no poverty…..and all the girls would wear flowers in their hair.

OK–Equal-time Time…    IF I had to choose between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz I would have to vote for Cruz, because bottom-line…at least he has a plan.  It is a bad plan and just plain wrong, but at least Senator Cruz is coming from  a political base with some real thought involved.   There are things that a POTUS just can’t do…and the key is to have a president that knows the limits.     Mr. Trump, on the other hand, appears to believe in just doing anything at all and then either ignoring it or lying about it.

So that’s MY humble opinion, folks…what do you think?

The Donald’s March to Infamy (re-titled and posted again.)

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.  I had great fun writing it—and I think it is very pertinent at this particular time, less than a week away from the  Election for President of the United States.    I have reposted this before, and I have changed the original title previously as well.


There once was a boy named Donald

Who wanted to  be rich, and grow up to be President

ha ha! said the people as he started to


but he knew what he was doing and had all the cards he needed to


and win the game

opponents screamed like angry cat matrons

and picked on his hair and his noisy patrons

but Donald just said they should “lump it!”

You haven’t a chance, you’re not one of us, they wailed

“is that so?” said Donald as he placed a standing order for tea and crumpets

to serve to his fans to keep them from starving on the campaign trail

His crowd of the faithful grew and grew

’til they filled the land

so they bought him a very big trumpet.

© Sometimes, 2015