Stranger than Fiction: again

This is one of my personal favorite assignments from writing class last year…in response to rules that the work be a limerick and contain certain other attributes of writing poetry.    I had great fun writing it—


There once was a boy named Donald
Who wanted to be rich, and grow up to be President
ha ha! said the people as he started to
but he knew what he was doing and had all the cards he needed to
and win the game
opponents screamed like angry cat matrons
and picked on his hair and his noisy patrons
but Donald just said they should “lump it!”

“You haven’t a chance, you’re not one of us,” they wailed
“is that so?” said Donald as he placed a standing order for tea and crumpets
to serve to his fans to keep them from starving on the campaign trail
His crowd of the faithful grew and grew
’til they filled the land
so they bought him a very big trumpet.

© Sometimes, 2015

No…not Donald & Ted

1856 political cartoon published with wikipedia entry.

Anyone who by chance has missed the great History Lesson involving the decorum and elite “City-on-the-Hill-ness” of the U. S. Presidential Ruckus Election process (Republican Version) will want to read this Wiki article.   It’s great, and very reminiscent of what we see on our television sets every day lately.

Ah–no, not exactly.   No one ever actually hit anyone (YET anyway,) but with the way the crowds at Trump For President rallies are acting it might be inevitable.

In a nutshell (get it…NUT shell? tee hee)  these two representatives of the American Way circa 1856– Senator Charles Sumner and Representative Preston Brooks got into it over an insult made to someone’s cousin, and the gentlemen resorted to fisticuffs and actual caning (hitting with a walking cane.)  Ha!  Dueling was “in” back then before the U.S. Civil War, but gosh…it’s a good thing they didn’t go THAT far.

It was a very nasty occurrence, what with bystanders eventually getting into the brawl and the hallowed halls just rang with hollering and smacking sounds!   There was undoubtedly some blood involved, as well.

Well, fortunately for the participants there was no Internet…no Twitter…no CNN…no Megan Kelley…and no one published nude pictures of anyone’s wife in the newspapers of the day.  (As if THAT was ever considered decent and fair–even in politics.)

Well… I will not undertake writing my own take on the Caning of Charles Sumner, except to say that I think it was hilarious outrageous and just completely WRONG!  Sort of typical, though…in keeping with our shoot-’em up mentality here in the land of the free and home of the…well, ya’ll know the rest of it.