Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

There should be a rule
on commenting protocol
requiring at least
(if not a working knowledge)
mini-common sense.

Every school age child
with a mite’s  intelligence
should have learned restraint
in matters of opinion…
at least a few facts.

No one should ever
consider as an expert
smart snappy comments…
an internet free-for-all
sans supervision.

Our Rule Number One:
Start out with a set of clues,
a few question marks,
a reasonably open-mind
and process of thought.

For Rule Number Two,
should be needless to expound,
an unspoken rule–
have proof, or at least
citations of information.

Who, what, when, where, why
How the commenter knows,
…at least Who Said So?
citation of source
and last—Who Cares?

© Sometimes, 2016


Stats and scatter-brains

To date I have posted 420 posts, and am proud to say 558 followers are signed on.  Wow!  I’m pleased.  I wish I could hear from and respond to every one every day.  Hmmm… I should see if I can figure out how many are repeat-visitors.

If I spent one minute dealing with EACH of … well, forget that!   My math skills are buried too deep to figure that out.   Did I ever tell you guys about the time I took the GRE exam and scored a 3 … three … on the math portion?    I think that means I got one correct answer.      I didn’t do so well on the rest of the exam, either.

In view of the fact that I was a few years into the program…and doing quite well over all, maintaining high GPA scores in all graduate work…the point of the examination itself was belied by setting aside any correlation between the GPA and the actual performance of work and ability.   Hmmm… that’s what the committee said.

I do very poorly on written exams–on any timed exams in fact.   My brain immediately turns into muddle-mush, and there seems to be a short in the system that shuts down my ability to process questions.

The worst questions are those logic problems where Bob, Jim and Harry are married to Sue, Barbara, and Linda… each couple has a dog–a Collie, a Schnauzer, a Pug.  How many kids do they have?….. by this time my brain is in the red-zone and all the facts mull together into a lethal concoction.

The point of testing, of course, is to determine whether or not the student in question is capable of processing and applying the information.   But for reasons beyond my comprehension, most standard tests must be given and taken in specific and strict form.   Given facts must be learned and restated in such a way that there is no room for any variation or innovation in the learning process.