Chestnut Ridge and The 57 (still rural–sort of)

DSC05273 (2).JPG

I had to shoot some sky photos out the car window while waiting at a light.     This peaceful rural scene was only recently similar on the opposite corner, to the right beyond  the  Highway 57…former farm land maintained by a Mr. Nash, who fifteen years ago could be found on his tractor plowing these fields.   Now there is an assortment of shops and restaurants, and the biggest Walmart that I ever saw–but, admittedly, I don’t get out much anymore.   The clouds were particularly spectacular all the way home, a few miles off to the right.  I kept wanting to turn off and get some more photos, but that just isn’t always practical.

I like this shot for my Photo 101 class, now underway.   The open lands of the rural countryside are shrinking as infrastructure such as roads and water and sewer lines are installed.  The view from this very vantage point…sitting at a stop light waiting for traffic to move…will be drastically changed very soon.  I also like the power lines overhead along the road, strung in a naturally-aesthetic striped effect which hints at order and progress–power and communication lines connecting us all.

Fortunately, the sky will never change and gorgeous cloud formations will ever be available to offer mankind (us women, too) a brief respite from less-attractive sights provided by other humans.

Too optimistic?  Nah, might as well think positively.   🙂