Newcomers Posing for Pics


First seen as an anonymous “red blur.”   
I’ll call it the Red Blur Rose.     There was a bright red Cardinal that exited the tree when he saw me before I saw him.   No time for the camera.


love Daisies….
DSC09440 (1)
but they are prolific and persistent…off the “chop” list though until the blooms are finished.
The Winterberry I call Gentleman Jim
recognize this tree?
unidentified perennial
lily buds
Future Day Lilies
DSC09469 (1)
The obligatory Cat


I swear this Lantana was originally pink.  


Tall Ageratum
Dad’s Plant lives in the house all winter. A remembrance from my ex’s funeral in 2001.

Flowers next in planting order


pink daisies good close.JPG
Pink Gerber Daisies.


yellow mill bells
Yellow with Pink Million Bells. (genus Calibrachoa) my favorite hanging plant…prefer the Red, but for some reason there aren’t any this year.


plants on top.JPG
Waiting to be planted.   Tall blue Ageratum I haven’t seen before. 
red daisy.JPG
Lantana and Red Gerber Daisy 
pink lantana.JPG
Pink and yellow Lantana.  
lantana 1.JPG
Lantana varieties

Faded Glory: Red Tulips

tulips close

Yes, I know…we’ve seen these tulips before in various stages…but this shot of their Last Hurrah, which I took on a whim just shooting photos for the heck of it, pleases me.   I like the way the edges of the flowers reflect the light.     They have had a longer life because of our unpredictable northern Ohio weather: snow, thaw, warm, hot, warmish, cool, warm again, cool again.      (photo © Sometimes,2017)