Who do I write for?— or is it…For Whom do I write?


No…wait…don’t go!  Although I write because I need to write, and this is what I DO…

…I take photos and put them on the blog, hoping that other bloggers who follow me (or even random droppers-in,)  will see my Cats, or Roses, or Assorted Weeds among Mediocre Flowers.     And I love it when you comment.

I know you people!      Just as much as if we were all sitting around in my back yard drinking mint julips (does anyone really?)    If everyone showed up to my picnic, that follows my blog, some would have to stand out in the road.  But my point is that I would know many of you as well as I know my oldest friends…by name.  I know what country you live in, and where you grew up, your political leanings, what you eat for breakfast, and what you look like.

On a one to one (without the crowd) I could start a conversation with any of you.  “How’s your daughter?”    “Is it still Winter over there where you live?”    “How did the trip to Wherever go?”

When you are walking up the driveway I could say to the others: “Oh, good!  Here comes Anne.”      “This guy with the cool cap has to be E…”    “Hey!  I see you made it from Scotland…how is the weather over there?”      “Ah!  Here comes the girl with the pet camel…”

Every day there are some newcomers—I love that!   Some “Follow” and stick around, some don’t.    Some have been around for three years, some just an hour ago.

Thanks guys and gals!   Love ya all!

Thus are the joys of blogging.





Stats Analysis (No Yawning)

My blog’s best day ever was November 6, 2015…. 99 VIEWS.

Guess what the topic was!    World peace?  No.  War? Nope.  Donald Trump? nah….   it was COOKIES.   The title was “Tea and Gingersnaps Anyone?”   I had so many followers over that day that I ran out of cups.  Really.

Here is a sort of half-baked analysis of the Statistical Information provided by WordPress to give bloggers an idea of their progress in publishing and showing off.   I does take some study to understand all of the charts and lists, but doing so is well worth the while.

For the first eleven days of this month, December 2015, Sometimes, has had 447 views, 159 visitors, 240 Likes, and 202 Comments.

The total number of followers…as of right now…is 373.  Most of them (17%) visit on Wednesday at 11:00 AM (10%).  (I’m not sure of the time zone, but I think it’s local time of the visitors.)

The total number of posts on Sometimes EVER  is 186–with a total of 6,859 views by 2,200 visitors.

I admit that I am confused about the ratio of views per visitor.   For instance, TODAY (December 11) here’s the tally:

159 Visitors

This begs some questions:  The site was looked at 447 times (I believe that includes my own views and reviews of it.)  SO, if 159 visitors looked at the site, how come 240 Liked it?   Did they like it so much some of them read it and pushed the LIKE button twice?

The best month so far for 2015 was…………   OCTOBER!!!

37 New Posts published in October
375 Visitors
(3.51)  Views Per Visitor

47 Nations of the World sent delegates to My Blog 🙂

This analysis was fun to do.   I didn’t do any math, just trusted in the Stats as presented by WordPress.

It would be fun to do a giant chart for my wall (IF I had any available wall space in my office/book room.)    It’s fun to look over the Stats and see who commented, what posts were the most popular, what older posts emerge from my Archives.   I do have the “You May Also Like” button activated to refer readers to other posts I have made.

…wasn’t this fun?