the greatest magicians
Grandmasters in linguistics.
Perform tricknowledge techniques
create laws perceived
so many ways.

A chess game played with precision.
The goal check mate
corner the king.
divide the family structure
by any means.
Entrap entrepreneurs
eager to eat
trying to reach
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Throwing stones at the penitentiary.
Filing for evidentiary
The only thing suppressed
the ring
of freedom.

They claim equality
for all men.
In actuality they meant
just them.
At the time of writing
A country divided
built on the backs of men.
by the authors
steadily filling their coffers.
Ingraining an industry
thriving for centuries
in the minds of the masses.
Without it our nation crashes.

of blue and red
shined by the white
placing stars in a box
jammed tight.
Click the lock,
toss the key.

Land of the free
Right before your eyes,
…just an illusion.

©Charles Yonkings, 2016

Freedom Primer

[Day 5, Writing 101-PoetryFreedom]

Do we have Freedom?
Oh yes, in theory we all have our guaranteed freedom
even if we can’t count on all things when we need them.
Some have to fret that they can’t pay the rent;
and regarding their children–how to feed them?

Freedom of Speech:  But of course!
Say anything at all–there’s no limitations.
No problems of saying just what we think or how we feel
when the words in a dictionary all will be perfect….
as long as the vocabulary is politically correct!

Cuss at the police?  Why not?   Just be careful
to be sure there are plenty of witnesses
that will swear the speech is respectful.
Remember well  what we learned from our mothers–
the fact remains that Some of Us are more free than others.

Free to Bare Arms:   Bare even more of our girlish charms!
decency is optional for comely young (and not so young) Lasses.
But beware: Laddies with wandering eyes, staring is frowned on…
or even forbidden,  regardless of what is on display–
so don’t take a chance–it’s far better to look the other way!