Tributary (Reblogged from Behind the White Coat)

This post is about a topic that I think about often….namely, friends in our circle of virtual friendship.   I did not know the subject of this, but in fact…popular as he was, he is thus gaining even more interest.


F– is For Friendship in the A-Z

(A few words about friendship.)

F is for Friend,
the kind that lasts Forever.
Some are Fabulous,
and a Few are Frustrating.

Some play a Fiddle,
Now and again a French Horn;
Fashion bugs dress up,
Others are Fickle — or Fake.

Far best are the Friends
who Frivolously Frolic
but ne’er Fail or Fall
regardless of what we do.

One must BE a Friend
in order to HAVE a Friend–
listen and Follow
and remain sympathetic.

© Sometimes, 2016