Thinking about Gerunds

Sitting on the swing, and swinging, with Peggy
half asleep and full of bliss
and thinking about something I may have never
thought about before —except maybe in English class
back in the distant days of schooling.

In a daydreaming state, defying description,
except for some beautiful words:
words with lovely meanings of warmth and comfort
and a glorious state of well-being.

Getting to an upright position, from such a lap of luxury,
after napping on a swing on the last day of Summer
is a fete of accomplishment in itself!
limbs sleeping and creaking
glad to be alive!

©Sometimes, 2016

(Here’s a Wikipedia post that is a must for people who like Gerunds and the like.)

Fairy Ring



After the Rain….before the grass turned green again.       We call this growth of mushrooms a Fairy Ring.     This is a half-ring, with other parts in the semi-circle. in place but not complete.      I don’t know what kind of mushrooms they are, probably not edible.  My late husband used to gather wild mushrooms, including huge round puff-balls, some as large as a soccer ball.

Beetle Survivors

These photos of my Knockout Roses were  taken last weekend.    The Japanese Beetles, which had effectively destroyed these beautiful roses, finally left the area, so recovery is possible.   These bushes were spectacular in May and June, the beetles visited in July, and by the first week in August they were gone.


Blooming Sansevieria

I did not know that Sansevieria plants had flowers.   Also known as Snake Plant, and Mother-in-Law-Tongue, we have always had this type of plant around the house.  It grows easily and is hardy, tolerates neglect, and is easy to propogate.

One of several potted plants just suddenly bloomed a few years ago, but we didn’t notice it very soon and it had begun to age and deteriorate.  This year, 2016, however, I spotted the bloom early on, so we got to enjoy it longer.

This specimen is the first one of mine that has bloomed.



Sansevieria Blossom