The Moose, Wordle #118

The barkeep was proud
of the giant rack of antlers
above the Oak bar.

Old Methuselah, the Moose,
always evasive
ended his life in struggle.

Never threatening,
residual presentiment
transfused Evil Eye…

as per the Fourth Rule:
do not ever pluck Dahlias
unless growing wild.

© Sometimes, 2016

For Mindlovemisery’sMenagerie, Wordle #118,  July 20, 2016



For Mindlovemisery’sMenagerie, July 9, 2016
WORDLE, Whirligig 7.    [prompt words…candles, grieving, treasure, sun, prodigal, gravel, tavern, find, roar, longing, rush, learn]


A roar in my ears
grieving, rushing to nowhere,
no…gentle reason.

Searching for treasure—
but desperate candles in Sun
are all I can find.

Prodigal Daisy
in the Tavern parking lot
…pushing through gravel.

© Sometimes, 2016

Summer Dreaming

[For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille July 7, 2016. This poetic form is called a Haibun, which is a combination of prose and Haiku forming a story of 75-words or less…including the Haiku.   I did borrow keywords beach, and hot summer night suggested by the host.]

The sand is warm, like a lullaby
The essence of Summer warms the skin,
dreams flicker on slumbering excursions
from out of the hot summer night.

In a reverie my heart remembers
the tantalizing  passage through Time
My soul considers departing its current bunting,
dreaming of return flight to the halcyon days

days of Nirvana,
slice of lifetime in rapture,
perfection as One.

© Sometimes, 2016

Water Sign



Today it’s raining
my top favorite weather,
joy I’m not feigning

I’ve been known to say
“my, what a wonderful day!”
wishing I could play

Pouring rain straight down
amid lightning and thunder
crashing all around…

Nothing cheers me more
than a moderate rain storm
and watching it pour!

© Sometimes, 2016

Haiku for Carpe Diem Full Circle

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.    Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #84 Back In Time.    The assignment is to employ 12 words, in a clockwise direction.   The words are: summer, princess, willow, oasis, palmtrees, camels, cruise-ship, snow, rainblow, yellow, shrine, and prayer/praying.

Here is my contribution.

Tropical summer
Princess Line cruises are full
reminds of willow

at a dreamer’s oasis
palm trees sway gently
camels munch…happy  in  shade.

The cruise ship awaits
far from the snow at my home
colors of rainbow

shades of Sun’s yellow
my mind builds a holy shrine
praying to return some day

© Sometimes, 2016







































(or praying.)

Go Cavs! Great job for Cleveland!

Big day for Cleveland!
Cavaliers won the trophy
basketball fans euphoric

winners or losers
We always support our teams
with cheers from the stands

when our hopes are dashed
e’en through tears and heavy hearts
we always say “next year!”

The Cavs are Champions!
Now– in two thousand sixteen
city is filled with joy

smiling and laughing,
cheering fans dance in the streets
all share the glory

Big day for Cleveland!
Cavaliers won the day…
basketball heroes!

© Sometimes, 2016

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge 103 Basho’s “a flash of lightning.”

Here is my contribution to the lovely “hokko” chosen by our Carpe Diem Haiku Kai host, written by the master Basho.  (A Tan Renga consists of a three-line Haiku by one poet, and completed with two additional lines written by another poet.)

inazuma ya yami no kata yuku goi no koe

a flash of lightning—
passing through the darkness
a night heron’s scream

©Basho (1644-1694)

—give a tantalizing glimpse
of imagined things unseen

©Sometimes, 2016


Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille

Here is my contribution to Chèvrefeuille’s new series called  Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille    with the theme IMAGINATION.    That is right up my alley!   Here’s the announcement:

Dear friends of MLMM,

Welcome at a new episode of Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille… This week I love to challenge you to create haiku inspired on a “modern” art-work. Imagine … fantasize … intuition and so you need this week.

Maybe you known the Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944) he became famous through his modern art-work in which he only used yellow, red and blue and black to create his art.


(art-work by © Chèvrefeuille)

Here is the artist’s original Haiku, and below is MY (Sometimes) poem.

morning dew shimmers, 
the sun climbs into the sky –
colored cobweb

© Chèvrefeuille

[Blueprint for Variegated, color-coded world]

blue sets the boundaries
yellow stays aloof-apart
red mingles and blends

detail in black lines
shadowing and cohesion
syncretic world map

© Sometimes, 2016