R is for RADIO shows in the A-Z

When we were kids, back in the 1940s, we spent inclement Sunday afternoons lying on the living room floor–coloring books and crayons at the ready for “something to do while listening to the radio.”   Then we would listen to a variety of shows which were aimed at no particular listening audience.  Cowboys, Cops, and Crooks of all kinds were the favorites that filled the … Continue reading R is for RADIO shows in the A-Z

Enûma Eliš — Re-blogged from Amit Poetry

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They came from Nibiru, to mine the third rock from the sun and things were going smooth until, in due time there was a mutiny among the Anunnaki in those labor camps!     A mutiny that drove the Nephilim aristocrats to enact a new race of miners by mixing their genes to transform a Habilis into a Sapiens and thus we… Continue reading Enûma Eliš — Re-blogged from Amit Poetry

I-Words in the A-Z

INFORMATION INTEREST INTELLIGENCE IDEOLOGY INDIGO OK Folks…I have dusted off my Historian Mode, and hauled out some of the material that has been stored in my brain, and in old bond paper boxes inside of huge cardboard boxes, numerous bright-color folders with pockets, and a filing cabinet.   In addition to that paper stuff I have other boxes filled with forms of information storage–computer discs of … Continue reading I-Words in the A-Z

H is for History in the A-Z

History is the tale of all past things good and bad, of events that trail others more happy or sad. There’s no happenstance unique, of which we can speak. Improvements are made innovation will occur; success in efforts to trade– when parties concur. Finally, when all’s said and done History’s its own clone. Thus, treaties aside, world nations  should try new ways to abide others’ … Continue reading H is for History in the A-Z

No…not Donald & Ted

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_of_Charles_Sumner/ Anyone who by chance has missed the great History Lesson involving the decorum and elite “City-on-the-Hill-ness” of the U. S. Presidential Ruckus Election process (Republican Version) will want to read this Wiki article.   It’s great, and very reminiscent of what we see on our television sets every day lately. Ah–no, not exactly.   No one ever actually hit anyone (YET anyway,) but with the way … Continue reading No…not Donald & Ted

The Venerable Bede

The Venerable Bede had a lot to read in order to write the order and the history of the medieval world. He considered the matter of churches and cathedrals and determined to add something new in order to broaden the catalogues. The Venerable Bede went out to the towns and the countryside chatting with merchants and lords searching for secular facts and bits of lore… … Continue reading The Venerable Bede

Where has the “Loyal Opposition” gone?

Whatever happened to the concept of the “loyal opposition?”  What that meant  was that the two-party political system we entertain here in the United States was composed of both Democrats and Republicans, who more or less took turns running the country.  The percentage of Rs and Ds varied at different times.  The “loyal opposition” meant that when members of one party had control of the governing … Continue reading Where has the “Loyal Opposition” gone?

Who am I — and What am I doing here?

Here is a re-run from several years ago.   The information may be familiar to some of the old-timers, but new to those who haven’t read it before.   Every now and then I am driven to publish a reminder of who I am and why I am writing, so I go back to one of these treatises from “back in the day.” This is a hard … Continue reading Who am I — and What am I doing here?