just deserts

…sorry about the lack of hoopla..
’tis not the Season to be jolly
although there is a lovely shrub of Holly
which is likely full of berries.

Memories unshakeable peek through
the manufactured joy of the carols
sung oh so merrily in the commercials
even before Thanksgiving.

The lights are on, the trees are up
adorned with baubles and tinsel
glittering things from Christmas Pasts
many held together with glue.

Throughout the decades and years,
the traditional trappings of joy and laughter
are put on for the children who deserve
to inherit the Christmas spirit.

Praying for snow…or toys or baubels
from Santa’s pack stuffed with presents
for all the good children from babes
to grandmas…they all want their just deserts.

Peace on Earth?  Not any time soon!
The Nations of the world disunited and greedy
all want the riches of Earth, even covet the Moon…
while threatening and ignoring the needy.