(Day 11, 2017) who was Cleopatra’s hubby? right… the King of Denial that’s my new nickname for The Donald who will soon be the leader of the free world…such as it is. Never so much the urge to giggle as watching the Press Conference in which our Prez-To-Be  developed a temper at the bad reporter who wouldn’t shut up. Really quite a valuable lesson: when … Continue reading incongruous

Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant

[The Daily Prompt…if a restaurant named a dish after you, what would it be called?”] Oh, that’s an easy one… it would be called The Flaky Croissant. Probably listed under a special category on the menu, like “Build Your Own Burger” or “Breakfast Your Way.” THE FLAKY CROISSANT $3.95 and Up Start with … yep, a fresh baked Croissant (or any other featured Roll of … Continue reading Irresistible: The Flaky Croissant

NOW WHAT!!!! OR How I Wrote My First Blog Post

OK, I admit that I had no clue where to begin.  So I’ll just follow my own advice and…. begin!  Write something.    Just get the old Muse working with a word, any word.   THE is a word, and the possibilities are endless… the Cat, the Tree, the Suitcase.  Go for it.  Go on… There are always great ideas that pop into my head when I’m driving down the … Continue reading NOW WHAT!!!! OR How I Wrote My First Blog Post