What Do You See?

What do you see in the photo that I used in the header of this blog?

Sure, Clouds.   But what do you see in the cloud formation?

What I see is two small dogs playing…the one on the left  (use the “eye” as a vantage point) is sparring with the one on the right.   A touch of imagination shows another little dog  jumping in the air with ears flying.

I did not see the little dogs the first several times I loaded the page and saw the header.   But apparently my eye caught the dog’s eye…and presto! the picture slid into place.

Just now my son came into the room and I asked HIM what he saw in the clouds.   He sees Santa Claus, hat, beard…sleigh of toys to the left (where I see the little dog with the eye.)   And where I see the floppy-ear dog, Scott sees the reindeer… stylized, of course.

Now,  I still see the playing dogs–but I can also make out Santa.

What do YOU see in the clouds?