There was a greenhouse…

There was a greenhouse across the road yesterday… today it is gone devoured by a hungry back-hoe and maybe a bulldozer There was a greenhouse across the road for years, its always been there in my recollection and for long, long years past There was a greenhouse across the road which provided a home for flowers without number lighted, and heated to foster life and procreation … Continue reading There was a greenhouse…

a walk in the park… a wordle poem

As we walk along the darkened trail pine needles crunch beneath our boots giving pungent aroma into the night. Lanterns glow beyond curtained mist we laugh as  an owl a “good evening” hoots. We take the trail to the river edge where trim gardens hide their colors as they gather rest for tomorrow’s sunlight. The moon parts clouds to reveal the bridge, silhouetted demurely against midnight sky. … Continue reading a walk in the park… a wordle poem

never say never

One of my favorite places where  I’ve never been on the deck of a sailing ship, out on the ocean. The boards are thick and smell of pine, as a ballroom floor with satiny  shine… o’er looking green hills that slope to the sea. Where sweet maidens whirl in fine silk dresses in powdered faces and warm shining  eyes, dancing in time with the orchestra’s strains. Back on my ship … Continue reading never say never

childhood memories of war

Perhaps the most vivid memories of nursery tales were not of bunnies or bantering fairies…but of War and its aftermath.     We here in the United States did not suffer the horrors that children in other countries did, the bombings and air raids and worse.   But such accounts were very much vicariously present.    And directly following the Hot War followed the Cold War, with its insidious psychological terror. I … Continue reading childhood memories of war

mundane memories, my personal day of horror September 11, 2001

Great events of all magnitude—those days that remain in our memories as vignettes of personal recollection—return almost as re-runs of popular experience. Everyone has his or her own version of what happened to them, or relative to them on that day…some, actually “most,” I should say, are pretty mundane. Perhaps the vivid memories of irrelevant, impersonal  details of a monumentous happening, is what keeps us sane … Continue reading mundane memories, my personal day of horror September 11, 2001

Caves of Memories

Back in my Cave…cave…cave…cave… Safe and sound and daring to breathe.. Here the sounds reverberate from walls, deep inside the endless complex of caverns…. meandering through tunnels  far from reality. Here is where My Life lives, a collection of times, past loves, beautiful memories, painful losses. All of the things I have learned…and forgotten… the songs of my life, the cast of characters once known— both real … Continue reading Caves of Memories

Echo of Chardonnay WORDLE Special Edition “SOUND”

Sounds remain in memory banks to fill a silent void. As the blind hear what they cannot see, the Deafened have memories of sounds in silence echo sonorous nocturnal interludes… a rustle of taffeta nearby… the gurgle of the newly uncorked vessel, with its cheery “pop!” of releasing Chardonnay. Somewhere a whistle escapes a kettle’s steam with a strident “woosh!” a steam engine slows. The … Continue reading Echo of Chardonnay WORDLE Special Edition “SOUND”

Endless chatter can be good…

The thought occurs often, as my fingers move on to the right keys and begin a new post—“hello?  Is anyone there?”    The latest of writings (should it be “typings?) might be about anything.  (Well, almost anything…even I have limits.)    Sometimes a little nagging whisper asks “who really reads this stuff?”   Since my newspaper writer days, occasional  comments or letters-to-the-editor, or angry phone calls have provided … Continue reading Endless chatter can be good…

My favorite all-time book: Snow Treasure

When I was about eight years old, our teacher read a book to us in class.   Teachers did that often in those days, and I suppose they still do.  I hope so!    The book was Snow Treasure: A story of courage and adventure, written by Marie McSwigan, published in 1942.     Here’s the back cover blurb: Now every sled ride was a matter of life and … Continue reading My favorite all-time book: Snow Treasure

an Ode to black plastic

once  an idea born of  clever innovation stoked by sheer frugality: cost of a proper venue then happened to be not only exhorbitant… unavailable within possible limits. the giant wedding feast, too much for facilities existing that time, required adequate shelter more than from our trees. for rain inevitable promised for morrow. “I’ve got it!” He exclaimed, “we will buy some black plastic and cover … Continue reading an Ode to black plastic

Summer Dreaming

[For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille July 7, 2016. This poetic form is called a Haibun, which is a combination of prose and Haiku forming a story of 75-words or less…including the Haiku.   I did borrow keywords beach, and hot summer night suggested by the host.] The sand is warm, like a lullaby The essence of Summer warms the skin, dreams flicker on slumbering … Continue reading Summer Dreaming

Haiku for Carpe Diem Full Circle

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.    Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #84 Back In Time.    The assignment is to employ 12 words, in a clockwise direction.   The words are: summer, princess, willow, oasis, palmtrees, camels, cruise-ship, snow, rainblow, yellow, shrine, and prayer/praying. Here is my contribution. Tropical summer Princess Line cruises are full reminds of willow at a dreamer’s oasis palm trees sway gently camels munch…happy  in  shade. The … Continue reading Haiku for Carpe Diem Full Circle